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Projects now discoverable through industry leading on-chain metrics

DappRadar is delighted to welcome the ZetaChain ecosystem, allowing users to discover a growing ecosystem of omnichain dapps. Developers can list their projects, while Web3 enthusiasts can find the ZetaChain dapps through our rankings and project pages. 

ZetaChain is a fast and secure omnichain blockchain, allowing interoperable dapps to utilize different blockchains. The zkEVM blockchain for example allows native BTC loans to be stored as an NFT on ZetaChain, made possible by the NFT Omnichain Smart Contract toolkit. 

With the integration of ZetaChain, users can now discover dapps built on the ZetaChain mainnet. We’re excited to support ZetaChain and their omnichain ecosystem by allowing Web3 users to discover and track dapps. 

Key features of ZetaChain

ZetaChain (ZETA) stands out from the competition with its Omnichain Smart Contracts, allowing dapps to span multiple chains, including Ethereum and Bitcoin. That means the users can manage assets, data and liquidity on any chain, through the smart contracts built on ZetaChain. 

Moreover, ZetaChain is a Layer-1 network that’s EVM compatible. That means it can easily connects to Optimism and Base, but also to Arbitrum and even the Cosmos ecosystem. In addition, ZetaChain supports chains without smart contracts like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, basically adding smart contract capabilities to those ecosystems. 

Projects built on ZetaChain

Any developer can now list their projects for free, making them visible in the ZetaChain rankings on DappRadar. However, we already track a variety of interesting omnichain projects:

  • Sugar – a social media app with SocialFi features for a creator economy
  • League of Thrones – a team-based strategy game where players for DAOs
  • Accumulated Finance – Omnichain liquid staking platform, integrated with Curve

Missing a dapp? List it now!

Developers and enthusiastic community members of the ZetaChain ecosystem can list their projects easily on DappRadar. Join our platform, and showcase your project to our global community of Web3 and gaming enthusiasts. 

All you need to do is to make an account on our Developer Dashboard, and provide all the requested information. Developers can list projects in different stages of development, both with and without smart contracts. 

You will receive a notification once our moderators approved a project. By listing a project on DappRadar, you boost its visibility and increase its chance for success. Above all, you can utilize various services such as advertising, Boosting Power, and Quests to generate more visibility. 

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