Xpansion Game Guide: How to Play and Earn XPS Token Rewards

Xpansion WAX blockchain game -How to Play Win Earn
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A complete game guide for Xpansion, a decentralized 4X strategy game

Xpansion is a 4X strategy game set in the near future, and the XPS token serves as a utility and governance token. As humanity searches for a new home on faraway planets, they also battle for resources and power. In this guide we explain how you can play Xpansion, participate in the ecosystem using XPS, and how you can earn rewards. 

What is Xpansion?

Xpansion is a 4X strategy game. This genre is all about explore, expand, exploit and exterminate, and in Xpansion that’s not much different. Players use NFT items to build an economic base, expand their political influence, forge alliances and acquire resources. 

However, Xpansion also features a competitive environment where players raid the land of their rivals, and fight wars over colonies and resources. The balance of power can shift every day. 

How do you use XPS in Xpansion?

Players need XPS for Land Settlement Upgrades. These upgrades expand the types of building players can create on their land parcels. Players will also need XPS to build an Ark, which allows them to travel to new worlds and colonize them. Furthermore, XPS will be used for additional features, such as training military units. 

Land owners earn XPS, and other players can stake their XPS on someone’s land in exchange for a percentage of the rewards. This system will for example allow clans and alliances to form over time. In addition, this can become a foundation for the establishment of DAOs, decentralized organizations that will exist in the game world. 

The native XPS token exists on BNB Chain and WAX. 

Why should I stake my XPS on someone’s land? 

The more XPS players stake on a land parcel, the bigger chunk of the Player Reward Pool that landowner will receive. These landowners can then forward their rewards to those who stake and support them. 

What is the XPS Player Reward Pool? 

Players who upgrade their Land Settlements or build an Ark, will basically move their XPS tokens back into the Player Reward Pool. This pool then serves to reward players who own land and stake tokens. However, 1% of the volume will be used for operational costs. 

What NFTs does Xpansion offer?

Xpansion uses 5 types of NFTs.

  1. VIP Membership Card – gives players whitelist spots for future NFT sales and airdrops
  2. Land NFTs – Land on Kepler 22B comes in 7 rarities, ranging from common to mythic. Upgrading land gives it a XPS mining multiplier. 
  3. Equipment NFTs – Players can stake their Equipment NFTs on land, giving a boost to the resources produced on the land. 
  4. Mini NFT – Similar to Equipment NFTs, but the outcome is much lower. 
  5. Time Clicker – Extend the claim time to 3 hours (Silver Time Clickers) or 6 hours (Golden Time Clickers). Can be used in Mining and Staking features. All renters and stakers share the benefit of a Time Clicker applied to a land parcel. 

How to play Xpansion? 

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Connect your WAX Cloud Wallet (or make one)
  3. Click “Approve”
  4. Input your account name
  5. Then press “Continue”, and sign a transaction

Now you’re ready to play Xpansion. Or read more about how to play Xpansion

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