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Use Rankings and project pages to explore dapps, games, NFTs and DeFi products built on Xai

Gamers and Web3 enthusiasts can now discover the next generation of gaming thanks to DappRadar welcoming Xai, the Layer-3 gaming solution that empowers gamers and developers alike. Explore dapps built on Xai through the Rankings, and find opportunities through industry-leading blockchain data. 

DappRadar already tracks more than 16,000 dapps across 64 different blockchains, and we are excited to welcome Xai, a Layer-3 network solution built on top of Arbitrum and Ethereum. Developed by Offchain Labs and governed by the Xai Foundation, Xai empowers gamers worldwide to participate in open trade, allowing users to trade game items without the need for blockchain knowledge. 

Xai has been made with gaming in mind. They envision an ecosystem where gamers get access to an onchain game, simply by making an account. With sponsored gas fees and account abstraction, Xai allows any players to benefit from blockchain technology without needing the technical expertise. 

DappRadar now tracks dapps, NFT collections and DeFi protocols building on Xai. These three components are crucial for blockchain gaming, because game items (NFTs) and game currencies (tokens) are important cornerstones of the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Discover projects built on Xai

Visitors of DappRadar and explorers of the Web3 ecosystem, can now find dapps, games, NFT collections and DeFi protocols built on Xai through DappRadar, its project pages and the rankings. Users who make an account, can filter and sort dapps based on various industry-leading metrics. Moreover, DappRadar PRO members have access to advanced filter options and additional time frames, allowing them to dive deeper into the data. 

Any developer building on Xai can list their project on DappRadar for free through the developer dashboard. Among the most popular dapps listed on DappRadar so far, you can find the following projects:

Europe Fantasy League

Boosted by the hype surrounding the European Championship, Xai is now home to Europe Football Fantasy (EUFT) League. Users can earn tokens by participating in daily missions, while your earnings are impacted by the performance of your teams.


Camelot originally launched on Arbitrum, but wants to encompass all the Layer-3 building within the Arbitrum Orbit ecosystem as well. It’s a decentralized exchange where users can swap tokens, making it the perfect destination for gamers who want to become part of a gaming ecosystem.

Crypto Unicorns

Various gaming projects moved over from other ecosystems to Xai, and Crypto Unicorns made that move as well. They recently moved all their smart contracts from Polygon to Arbitrum and Xai, and introduced a new governance token called CU. Players can get their own unicorn, and start building their unicorn farm while enjoying various mini-games.

XAI and esXAI tokens, governance and staking

The Xai network uses its own gas, utility and governance token, XAI. However, thanks to sponsored gas fees, users will not always require XAI. Alongside XAI, there’s also esXAI. You can see esXAI as a wrapped version of XAI, used in staking initiative to safeguard the network. Users can stake their esXAI on a node, and then earn an APR on that. While node owners earn esXAI as well. 

Stakers and validators can only use esXAI for staking. Therefore they need to redeem their esXAI for XAI. There’s a 180-day waiting period in order to claim your XAI at a 1-on-1 conversion from esXAI. Users who want a shorter waiting period will be penalized, and therefore receive less XAI. 

How to get started with Xai

This is a simple guide to help you get started with using dapps built on Xai: 

  1. Xai works with EVM-compatible wallets, i.e. Metamask
  2. Go to Camelot on DappRadar, and press “Open Dapp”
  3. Press “Launch app” on the Camelot website
  4. On the exchange, press “Connect wallet” in the top-right corner, and then of course connect your wallet. 
  5. Go to the “Swap” section
  6. Select which token you want to swap, at “From”. And select “XAI” as the token you want to receive. 
  7. Approve spending the token you selected, by pressing “Approve TOKEN” 
  8. Then approve the transaction, and you will receive XAI in your Arbitrum wallet

It’s important to note that Xai and Arbitrum work closely together. For example, it’s possible for Xai to bundle transactions, and then in the end take funds for gas from a wallet on Arbitrum. Therefore, having XAI on Arbitrum is fine. However, you can always bridge XAI from Arbitrum to Xai using the native bridge. 

  1. Go to the Arbitrum bridge
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Make sure you move “XAI” from “Arbitrum One” 
  4. Make sure you’ve selected “Xai” as the destination
  5. When you’ve determined how much you want to bridge, press “Move funds to Xai”
  6. Approve the spending request
  7. And approve the transaction

Wait a bit, and now you will have XAI on the Xai network. 

Missing a dapp? List it now!

Developers and enthusiastic community members of Xai can list their projects easily on DappRadar. Join our platform, and showcase your project to our global community of Web3 and gaming enthusiasts.

Simply make an account on our Developer Dashboard, and provide all the requested information. Developers can list projects in different stages of development, both with and without smart contracts.

Developers will receive a notification once our moderators approve a project. By listing a project on DappRadar, they boost its visibility and increase its chance for success. Above all, developers can utilize various services such as advertising, Boosting Power, and Quests to generate more visibility. 

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