X World Games Registers Over a Million Users

X World Games

Upgrades will provide new ways to earn XWG

Since launching back in April 2021, X World Games has been on a steady trajectory north. Having now accumulated over 1 million registered crypto and non-crypto users in a short space of time. The team behind the Binance Smart Chain gaming ecosystem is laying out their stall for what’s in store for players, and the XWG token. 

X World Games set out to build a diversified gaming ecosystem that connects traditional game players and the blockchain world. The idea is to help game developers from the traditional space who want to enter the crypto gaming sector by creating the underlying blockchain framework for them. The X World Games blockchain game platform currently includes: 

  • NFT Exchange – Provides exclusive NFT transactions for in-game characters and items, adopts various bidding models. With plans to support NFT fragmentation and market maker liquidity in the future.
  • DeFi Gamification – A variety of DeFi functions with gamification, including liquidity mining, staking mining, DeFi lending, and token swaps.
  • Authentic Anime IP – Combine many Japanese masterpiece anime and game IPs and integrate exclusive characters into the game world. 
  • Cross-Game Ecosystem – Create unique cross-game characters and equipment and enjoy secure, digital in-game item ownership and share multi-game resources.
  • Open-Game Creation – Provides a series of open-source and comprehensive game creation tools, from simple character creation to complex script/function editing.

Marketplace 2.0 

X World Games has launched a series of upgrades to enhance and improve the marketplace experience from the ground up. Importantly, these changes were spurred by feedback from the community of users. Based on feedback, the platform has improved its NFT shopping and listing experience with the latest revamps of the mystery box and marketplace page. Moreover, this allows players to interact with the Dream Card NFT marketplace using a filter by attribute or character. Buy mystery boxes in bulk, and using XWG. Plus, a revamped airdrop Page for future events. Overall, the marketplace is now far fitter for purpose and ready to facilitate scaling of the platform. 

Incoming Ecosystem Upgrades

Currently, the only playable game is Dream Card. An NFT battle card game where each card has its own unique attributes. However, the team states that new platforms and ways to earn are on the way. Including separate platforms for mini-games and online reading content with their own independent mining pools. Overall, it will provide players with more ways to earn XWG rewards and hopefully enrich the diversity of the ecosystem.

X World also wants to enact a DAO structure to the organization but first needs to focus on building out and retaining its current audience. The team states that once it creates the global community structure, it will gradually open the function of decentralized governance proposals. So the community can propose improvement ideas and others can vote for them.

The BSC gaming platform will also launch the XWG digital identity system, which includes a unique and unmodifiable alias system and NFT avatar image system. The Alias is equivalent to the user’s wallet address and the NFT avatar is equivalent to the popular NFT profile pictures emerging lately, such as BAYC. Moreover, the digital identity system can be used by players for identity display in all X World Games dapps.

X World Games

As mentioned, the flagship game thus far has been Dream Card. In Q4, the team plans to update and continue supporting the games community with an Alpha version of Dream Card 2.0. Which will feature PvE gameplay, where players can play against the computer. Passing through levels and beating the final Boss. The combat animation and special effects will also be extended to the mobile game version, which is different from the current PvP battle screen. 

Additionally, avatar skin customization will allow players to purchase and extract different items from mystery boxes, and put them together on an existing character. In doing so, players create a brand new NFT with a new avatar. 

Follow X World Games: 

Official Web: https://xwg.games/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xwg_games 

Telegram Official: https://t.me/xworldgames 

Discord: https://discord.gg/xworldgames

Gitbook: https://docs.xwg.games/ 

Medium: https://medium.com/x-world-games

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