X World Games Pushes Transactions 182% in 7 Days

Unique Active Wallets jump 85%

X World Games, a Binance Smart Chain gaming ecosystem, has seen remarkable growth in the past seven days. Transactions processed by the platform increased by 182%, reaching close to 100,000. The number of unique active wallets interacting with the platform’s smart contracts also rose by more than 85%, reaching 38,370. 

X World Games is a rather new BSC-based gaming dapp, with exactly four months in terms of historical activity. However, as interest in blockchain-based gaming and NFT collectibles continues to grow, the platform is experiencing upwards momentum. 

X World Games

X World Games is not the only BSC gaming platform that has seen an increase in users in the past seven days. Mobox, the NFT farming game, also saw a more than 16% increase in unique active wallets.

Interestingly, the top BSC play-to-earn opportunity, Cryptoblades, has seen an insignificant drop in UAW. Over the past couple of weeks, Cryptoblades has seen tremendous success among gamers. Despite the slight drop in UAW, Cryptoblades is still drawing in a huge audience, with more than 460,000 unique active wallets in the past seven days.

These metrics show that gaming on BSC is steadily attracting more users. Not only that, interest is spread among numerous platforms, all of which have different play-to-earn mechanics and game modes.

X World Games token withdraws

Recently, X Wolrd Games also introduced an XWG withdraw mechanism that was much awaited by the community. This is also one of the reasons behind the recent uptick in performance for the platform. 

Token withdrawals will allow players to easily take advantage of the rewards they earn while they’re gaming. With XWG withdraws, you can directly send your token rewards to your wallet and start trading. Additionally, XWG can be swapped for other BSC tokens or the native BNB token. 

If you’d like to get your hands on some XWG tokens yourself, check out the new DappRadar Token Swap. There you can swap between three different chains, including Binance Smart Chain. Stay tuned as DappRadar follows the development of blockchain-based gaming on BSC and the future milestones X Wolrd Games achieves along the road. 

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