X World Games and its XWG Token

X World Games and its XWG Token

Everything you need to know about XWG

X World Games is a popular gaming platform built on Binance Smart Chain, and its native token XWG plays an important role in the dapp. From play-to-earn rewards, through NFT and asset purchases to DAO functionalities and governance, the token lays at the heart of all activity on the platform.

X World Games allows players to enjoy different games in a single open-world via cross-game world experience. Players truly own their characters and card sets and experience their assets in different games of the X World ecosystem.

Importantly, the XWG token facilitates all transactions on the platform. All transactions on X World Games require the token. Whether a player wants to purchase or create a new card pack, or wants to claim their in-game rewards.

Additionally, as this is a decentralized, community-centric platform gives XWG holders the opportunity to participate in governance votes. What is more, players and holders can participate in game curation and staking on the platform. This, in turn, rewards them with even more tokens. 

More on XWG and X World Games

As the play-to-earn and DeFi movements steadily merge with the gaming world, platforms like X World Games are heavily relying on native tokens. In this case, XWG plays an important role in making rewards mechanisms possible on the X World Games platform.

The XWG token was designed to offer an unmatched combination of utility. It is simultaneously a rewards token, a governance token, and simply a currency. However, it supports the economy of the whole X World Games ecosystem. 

To learn more about X World Games and its native token XWG, check out the handy links below. If you’re already part of the X World Games ecosystem and own XWG yourself, you can check your holdings easily with DappRadar Portfolio. 

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