WOW Summit Lisbon Overview: How Web3 Events Fuel Communities

WOW Summit Lisbon- How Web3 Events Fuel Communities
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Uniting the Web3 community in person means making connections

During the first three days of November, Lisbon was the center of the technologies of the future. At WOW Summit, a select audience of around 1500 attendees came together to discuss Web3 trends and best practices. Follow along to get to know the highlights, top speakers of one of the biggest Web3 events in the world.

What is WOW Summit?

WOW Summit stands for World of Web3 Summit, and is a worldwide event that brings together investors, artists, and top decision-makers in the field. Originally held in Dubai, it is now an event that will migrate to several cities around the world where there are large communities working with blockchain technologies, such as Lisbon.

The Lisbon edition of the WOW Summit covered several of the hottest topics in the space, such as NFTs, blockchain gaming, cryptocurrency adoption, DAOs, and so on. More than 100 speakers shared their knowledge – and business secrets – that would not have been possible without the conference organization.

3 days in Lisbon: Highlights

World of Web3 Summit (WOW) Lisbon brought together some of the top minds in the blockchain industry for unparalleled networking. For three days, attendees dived into a variety of topics, including NFTs, gaming, DAOs, and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Highlights from the event included its very interesting panels with the industry leaders. From Day 1, Unstoppable Domains’ Sandy Carter took the stage to discuss digital identities, followed by a discussion on the future of gaming which included Decimated’s CEO, Stephen Arnold.

Day 2 joined remarkable female leaders on an eye-opening panel on NFTs and digital arts, showing where those boundaries are and how they go their separate ways. Also, Somnium Space’s business manager Francesco Vincenti attended to speak on what he knows best – building strong communities in virtual realities. 

On Day 3 and the final day of WOW Lisbon, attendees were able to delve deeper into  Web3 space, from accessibility to cryptocurrencies and evaluating DeFi protocols, to analyzing the metaverse and educating themselves about the best in marketing for Web3.

Moreover, the summit also provided unique opportunities for members of the community to network and collaborate on new projects. There were several side events gathering the VIP Web3 experts, as VC breakfasts, and two gala dinners, one of which was hosted by Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, Strategic Advisor at Digital Dubai. There is no conference without fun – the opening and closing parties were a blast featuring awesome DJs, and an open bar at the VIP pool area was perfect for networking after hours.

Regarding networking, Victoria Loskutova, WOW Summit’s Editor-in-Chief, pointed out that the event united a “high-class niche audience, that knew what their goal in attending WOW Lisbon was, and who they were looking to connect with.”

Overall, the summit was a resounding success and demonstrated the growing power of the global Web3 community.

Make the most out of the next Web3 event

We gathered a few tips for your next-level networking at future Web3 conferences: 

  1. Plan your journey in advance, create a goal, know why you are attending the event, and who you’d like to meet.
  2. Try to meet the event organizers on the spot, as they can always connect you with particular people in person to make your networking more beneficial.
  3. Know your agenda, and be open to meeting new people and expanding your network.

DappRadar was thrilled to be invited to the third edition of WOW Summit in Lisbon, where our team got to enjoy the venue, the people, and the knowledge. It is a great opportunity for professionals to learn more about the industry, and network with other Web3 enthusiasts.

WOW Summit is traveling around the world, and you can join the conference in its next edition in Hong Kong, on March 29 and 30. Find out more about it on their official website.

Web3 events take over the world

As well as the WOW Summit, several other events have led blockchain industries to come together in the real world in recent weeks. This new trend proves that we are working in an area that grows every day and that DappRadar is increasingly accurate and present as an authority.

Skirmantas Januskas, our CEO, was also in Lisbon to present a panel at the WebSummit on Web3 super apps. Back in London, DappRadar’s Head of Research Pedro Herrera took the stage at NFT London to discuss that NFTs are more than JPEGs, after all, exposing their many use cases.

While the idea of holding events to unite the minds of an industry is not new, it has been a while since they happened. Web3 has grown immensely in recent years as we have taken a hiatus from face-to-face social gatherings, but experiencing this outside of the virtual world was still not that common. However, it all points out that Web3 aches for it.

DappRadar will keep the community updated with the best opportunities to create meaningful connections.

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