Top 5 Solana Games To Keep Your Eyes On

Top 5 Solana Games To Keep Your Eyes On

Solana has taken the DeFi space by storm, but gaming on the blockchain is also heating up

Blockchain gaming is steadily becoming one of the biggest sectors in the crypto world, and Solana games are quickly gaining momentum. With the play-to-earn movement finding its footing across all blockchains, Solana will host a wide array of gaming dapps in the future.

While still in its infancy in terms of games, Solana offers unmatched transaction processing speeds. This is a prerequisite for the development of transaction-heavy games, incorporating DeFi elements with ease. 

Top 5 Solana games

The list below offers a little insight into five of the hottest, upcoming Solana-based gaming dapps. With impressive graphics and immersive gameplay, these projects could very soon attract thousands of play-to-earn enthusiasts every month.

Genopets introduces a revolutionary concept to the gaming space in the form of move-to-earn mechanics. Bringing play-to-earn to a whole new level, Genopets employs the fast processing on Solana to track activity from wearable fitness gear and translate it into in-game experience points. 

Genopets relies on Solana-based NFTs to allow players to battle each other in various mini-game modes. Winning battles introduces play-to-earn mechanics to the game. On the other hand, activity in the real world brings players XP points, which help them upgrade and breed their pets, making them more competitive in battle. 

With an innovative approach and immersive design, Genopets is one of the most anticipated Solana games right now. 

Star Atlas is probably the most hyped gaming dapp on Solana at the moment. The space-themed strategy game combines Unreal Engine graphics with the unmatched capabilities of the Solana blockchain to bring an immersive gaming experience. 

Star Atlas allows players to own and create whole cities and regions in space. Purchase battleship NFTs and explore the Star Atlas universe in various journey modes. Select your faction, but be careful, this is a permanent choice. 

Bringing all fantasy world elements into action, Star Atlas offers one of the most visually attractive blockchain gaming experiences. Combined with a heavy focus on strategy and decision-based play, Star Atlas is on its way to becoming the go-to space game on Solana.

solana games

Aurory is a play-to-earn RPG where players get a chance to travel across the worlds of Antik and Cryptos, two different areas and biomes. There, players will meet a vast array of magical creatures, which they can catch and trade. Solana-based NFTs represent all Aurory pets and supernatural creatures.

The Aurory play-to-earn mechanics center around the platform’s native token, AURY. Players earn rewards in AURY by winning in both PvE and PvP game modes. The platform also offers a passive income opportunity through AURY staking. In the future, the token will also act as a governance token, allowing holders to vote on important game-development decisions.

With more than 150.000 concurrent minters, the Aurorian NFT sale was one of Solana’s most highly anticipated NFT sales. Thanks to cute animated graphics and an appealing design, Aurory offers players a chance to submerge themselves in a world of magic and enchantment. 

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Decimated is a 3rd person survival role-playing game where players choose to play as humans or cyborgs. Gamers choose to fight against or team up with other players, scavenge loot, transport cargo or VIPs to different locations, collect legal or illegal resources and trade them. Additionally, players can hunt legendary creatures, capture territory, and build safe houses for their gang.

As a blockchain-based game, all in-game assets and items in Decimated are non-fungible tokens. Additionally, players can choose to play in PvP or PvE modes by salvaging resources, technology, and digital currency, repairing vehicles, building bases, fortifying shelters, collecting bounties, ambushing, looting, or trading in a hostile, post-apocalyptic environment.

Decimated has also decided to partner up with Unreal Engine to bring the most immersive graphics possible. With Solana-backed processing and detailed graphics, Decimated competes with Star Atlas for the best immersive experience in Solana games. 

solana games

Last but not least, there’s the mobile game Cryowar. This action RPG breaks boundaries by bringing blockchain technology to the hands of smartphone users all over the world. Impressively, Cryowar combines a traditional gaming experience with the best practices of the blockchain world. The platform supports DAO voting, introduces non-fungible in-game assets and DeFi mechanics. 

With short, action-packed player-vs-player battles, Cryowar allows players to complete missions on the go. The game boasts extremely fast-paced gameplay, allowing players to finish battles in no more than three minutes. 

Cryowar is pioneering blockchain-based gaming for mobile and partnering with Solana and Unreal Engine to create a captivating gaming experience. 

Solana gaming is here to stay 

Solana is one of the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystems at the moment. Developing on all fronts, the protocol boasts successful NFT collections, various DeFi solutions, and of course, numerous gaming platforms. 

While blockchain gaming is just getting started, Solana has already earned a top spot in DappRadar rankings. The protocol is now attracting more developers than ever, thanks to incredibly low transaction fees and unmatched speed when it comes to processing. 

Of course, DappRadar will continue monitoring the Solana blockchain, as well as the blockchain gaming industry as a whole. To learn more about Solana and games on the blockchain, check out the useful links below. 

solana games
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