WorldWideWeb3 Shoots for True Interoperability

WorldWideWeb3 Shoots for True Interoperability
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The virtual world now supports NFT imports from numerous collections, including Aavegotchi

WorldWideWeb3 is an up-and-coming virtual world that recently sold out its very first land plot NFT collection. Aside from land ownership, WWW3 offers quest-based gameplay, where players perform tasks and receive rewards and bonuses in return. Importantly, the game and all characters in it are blockchain-based. Consequently, players can connect their Web3 wallet to the virtual world and use some of their NFTs as avatars or pets.

WorldWideWeb3 is among the most diverse virtual worlds out there when it comes to interoperability capabilities. The platform has already announced support for major NFT collections like CyberCongz, CryptoPunks, MoonCats, and Neko Cats. The latest in the list of compatible NFTs are Aavegotchis. In this sense, WWW3 is genuinely making the first steps towards tackling long-standing interoperability challenges. 

Interoperability in the metaverse

The foundational idea of the metaverse is to connect people. Additionally, the metaverse aims to allow for the seamless integration of visual elements, activities, and events in a virtual world. However, this concept is still in its infancy. Many of the popular virtual worlds are still struggling to offer an acceptable level of interoperability with the rest of the crypto space. 

If we take a look at Somnium Space, for example, the only way to import NFT avatars is through a VRM file. However, this is not an all-encompassing solution, as some collections do not offer VRM files with their NFTs. Additionally, it is a rather tedious process of importing your VRM files on your own. In contrast, WorldWideWeb3 simply reads what assets are present in the connected wallet, and lets you choose which one you want to use. 

Other virtual worlds, like The Sandbox, have opted for the option to release their own NFT collections. These collections allow players to choose from a selection of avatars in this way. However, this approach is still far from the ultimate goal – comprehensive interoperability. 

In this sense, WorldWideWeb3 is making strides and adding more and more integrations to the list of supported projects. Of course, the platform still has a long way to go, and new NFT collections are popping up constantly. However, the fact that players can already use their Punk as a playable character is a very promising first step. 

WorldWideWeb3 in numbers

WorldWideWeb3 has started attracting a lot more attention following a very successful land sale event, held on November 29th. According to the official roadmap, Webb Land will allow owners to create their very own space in the WWW3 virtual world. Holders will be able to host events, display NFTs and gather friends in their own space. Additionally, the WWW3 developers also plan on releasing business land plots in the future. These will allow players to actively participate in gaming mechanics and the virtual world economy.

According to DappRadar data, WWW3 land has already generated upwards of $20 million in trading volume since it launched several weeks ago. Attracting more than 7300 traders and upwards of 16.300 sales, the collection now ranks 25th in DappRadar Top NFT Collections charts for the past 30 days. 

As the metaverse becomes the next big thing in the crypto space, virtual world platforms are experiencing an uptick in activity. Virtual land is becoming the next hot commodity in the crypto space. Interoperability in and between virtual worlds will play a major role in the near future. Considering this, WorldWideWeb3 is on the right track, with a successful land sale, and an extensive list of integrations already underway.

DappRadar will continue monitoring WWW3 as the virtual world continues on its road to success. To learn the latest metaverse news first, follow DappRadar on Twitter, and join our Discord community. 

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