WorldWideWeb3 Quest Boosts NFT Trading Volume 153%

New WorldWideWeb3 Quest Boosts NFT Trading Volume 153%
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Webb land generated 95% more sales in the past 24 hours

WorldWideWeb3 is one of the hottest virtual worlds at the moment, attracting gamers and NFT collectors alike. Last night, the platform launched a new quest, which significantly boosted activity for the game’s land plot NFT collection as well. In the past 24 hours alone, Webb Land has attracted 153% more traders, generating a trading volume of just over $338.000. 

The “Fork in the Road” quest presents gamers with interesting decisions. The primary one is to choose between ETH, BTC, and USD. That’s a quintessential dilemma in the real world too. Importantly, everyone who completes the quest successfully enters a raffle to win a rare NFT collectible. Regardless of the initial choice, players also get the chance to complete the quest with the remaining two currencies. Each of the three unfolds different missions. 

WorldWideWeb3 has been steadily attracting gamers with its fun quests, and this latest one is no different. Additionally, according to the developers’ team, this is the most extensive quest to date. Players have been flocking to the platform for the past 24 hours, trying to satisfy Doc’s requirements and complete the quest successfully. 


WorldWideWeb3 land benefits from the quest hype

Looking at the huge number of players that gathered to complete the “Fork in the Road” quest, it is no surprise that the Webb Land NFT collection also saw a boost in activity. In the past 24 hours, the collection saw the number of traders interacting with it jump 153%. Additionally, the number of sales Webb Land smart contracts recorded jumped an impressive 95%. 

One of the main reasons for the spike in activity is that landowners who completed the quest got additional rewards. Aside from a spot for the rare NFT raffle, these Webb Land holders will also enter a raffle to get a whitelist spot for the upcoming Coolpets NFTs mint. Coolpets is a highly anticipated NFT collection from the creators of Cool Cats.

The added benefits of being a landowner in WorldWideWeb3 are still to be fully developed and released. However, the team is already looking into ways to bring utility to collectors who own Webb Land NFTs. 

If you are curious to try your skills in the “Fork in the Road” quest, head to the official WorldWideWeb3 website. The quest is still live, and so are your chances to win a rare NFT after successfully completing it. 

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