World of Women Alongside Bored Apes and Punks – Top 10 NFT Sales

Top 10 NFT Sales - week 4 2022

Eva Longoria Baston spearheads renewed attention for female empowerment in the NFT space

With a price tag of more than half a million dollars Woman #9248 from the World of Women NFT collection made it into this week’s top 10 NFT sales. The collection by Yam Karkai made headlines last week when actress and producer Eva Longoria Baston picked up an NFT, following in the footsteps of Reese Witherspoon

The World of Women NFT changed owners for 260 ETH, or more than $582,000 at the time of the transaction. The buyer now owns 2 World of Women NFTs. The identity of the buyer remains a mystery, even though the wallet is brand new. 

For sure the purchase doesn’t come from Eva Longoria Baston. She jumped into the NFT space last week, acquiring Woman #6199. In Longoria Baston’s wallet we also find two Crypto Chick NFTs, recently purchased by the Hollywood star. However, the World of Women NFTs from Longoria Baston didn’t make it into the top 10 NFT sales.

Top 10 NFT Sales – Week 4 / Jan 24 – 30

  1. CryptoPunk #7121 – $3,09 million / 1180 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  2. Bored Ape #232 – $2.79 million / 1080 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  3. Bored Ape #3001 – $1,31 million / 500 ETH – Justin Bieber’s wallet
  4. CryptoPunk #3783 – $1,14 million / 450 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  5. CryptoPunk #7656 – $954,030 / 374.95 ETH – Buyer’s wallet 
  6. Amazing, Decentraland – $928,800 / 383 WETH – Buyer’s wallet 
  7. Guru #7700 – $731,840 / 305 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  8. CryptoPunk #3049 – $664,200 / 250 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  9. Bored Ape #3666 – $616,260 / 240 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  10. Woman #9248 – $582,540 / 260 ETH – Buyer’s wallet

Two other NFT sales stand out 

The rest of the top 10 NFT sales feels a bit predictable with CryptoPunks and Bored Apes dominating the chart. In sixth place we find a virtual estate in Decentraland, which sold for almost one million dollars. The buyer seemingly is an investor in virtual real estate, judging by the contents of their wallet

A quirky addition to the list is Guru #7700, an NFT from the NFT Gurus collection. The creator of the collection promises lifetime access to games and events in the metaverse, merchandise, celebrity meetups, business dinners and more. Guru #7700 sold for 305 ETH or more than $731,000, making it the most expensive NFT in the collection. The floor price of a Guru NFT is 0.11 ETH, and the buyer’s wallet only contains this NFT. Suggesting that this purchase means to drive hype, and should perhaps be soon as a marketing ploy. 

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