Win Exclusive DappRadar Mobox NFTs!

2 Legendary NFTs for DappRadar users!

DappRadar worked with Mobox for a legendary giveaway. Are you ready to calm your NFT FOMO with a MOMO? We gave away 2 legendary DappRadar NFTs that can earn you free money.

The winning wallets are:

  • 0x8F2745a47588Ca243f72E4578CE908531b150781
  • 0xeF516B62e31849123bcC5f98428CB6D497a2d0c8

That’s right. They won very, very exclusive DappRadar NFTs that can be used on the Mobox platform. Stake these NFTs, and earn passive income paid in the native MBOX token!

These legendary NFTs will have a starting hash rate of 180. This number is important, because it determines the mining power of the NFT and with it the amount of MBOX tokens you can earn. Yup, this NFT can make you money. Furthermore, the owners can use these NFTs in a variety of games on the Mobox platform as well.

This is the legendary DappRadar MOMO NFT that will farm MBOX tokens for you!

About the DappRadar x Mobox giveaway… (ENDED)

  1. Make sure you have a Binance Smart Chain wallet, preferably on Metamask. However, other Web3 wallets are fine as well. How to connect BSC to Metamask? Read that here.
  2. Just make sure your BSC wallet is NOT on a centralized exchange like Binance, Coinbase or other similar platforms.
  3. Yes, the wallet you use for PancakeSwap and ApeSwap would be fine! Did you know you can check your own wallet on DappRadar using the Portfolio Tracker? Very easy to do!
  4. Fill in the form below, and then simply wait. This competition runs for two weeks, and we announce the 2 winners of the Legendary DappRadar x Mobox NFTs on June 22nd, 2021.

Curious about Mobox?

We can imagine you want to learn more about Mobox now. It’s a platform on Binance Smart Chain that combines elements from gaming with NFTs and decentralized finance. It’s a platform that already has a total value locked of more than $130 million. Learn more about Mobox and read our recent article.

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