Win AQUA Boosts to Supercharge Your Games

Win Aqua Boosts Games Play

Get boosts to gain an edge against your opponents!

DappRadar and AQUA are giving away 1,000 AQUA Boost Bundles, each set containing 3 boosts. With these boosts you gain access to future promotions and giveaways from AQUA, while also giving you an edge in games such as AQUA Solitaire, Ludo and Pool. 

AQUA is a marketplace for gamers, allowing them to find games and gaming NFTs. Together, DappRadar and AQUA are giving away AQUA Boost Bundles to 1,000 lucky winners, each receiving one bundle. 

These Boosts give gamers an edge over the competition. You will get for example double the amount of time to play your turn, or even redo a turn. In the AQUA Boost Bundles there are three types of boosts:

  • Rewind Boost
  • Time Bonus Boost
  • Skip Boost

Boosts are quite core to the user experience in the AQUA platform. Active players who play and win five days in a row, can also earn boosts through one of the AQUA games. 

How to join the DappRadar x AQUA giveaway?

  1. Make an account on DappRadar, and connect an Ethereum wallet
  2. Go to the Airdrop page on DappRadar, and join the airdrop giveaway, starting Monday, 3 July 2023, 7 AM UTC. 
  3. To claim your AQUA Boost Bundle, create an AQUA Play Account on before Wednesday, 12 July 2023. Make sure to create the account with the same wallet you used for the DappRadar giveaway. 
  4. The winning addresses will be revealed on Monday, 10 July 2023. 
  5. When the airdrop ends on 10 July, 6 AM UTC, 1,000 lucky winners will be randomly selected

What is AQUA?

AQUA is a gaming platform that also offers a NFT marketplace. Users can play various AQUA games, such as Ludo, Pool and Solitaire. In addition, the platform offers a store where gamers can find various Web3 games, such as Gods Unchained and Cross the Ages. 

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