Will Steph Curry and Neymar Soon Be Neighbors in Otherside Metaverse?

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Plenty of celebrities have their APE lined up and ready to buy the hottest new metaverse land

Tomorrow’s Otherside land sale could mark the day when Steph Curry and Neymar become neighbors in the metaverse. Whatever happens in tomorrow’s sale, there’s no doubt that some famous figures will snap up some of the digital real estate. But there are also some notable names who won’t necessarily be going all in.


If you’re lucky enough to bag yourself a piece of land in tomorrow’s Otherside sale, you might just get a plot next to a famous face. There’s a number of celebrities with APE in their wallet and we suspect some of them might be in line tomorrow when Yuga Labs launches its minting process at 21:00 ET.

It’s always fun to know what famous people have in their wallets and what extravagant item might be next on their shopping list. But there’s one interesting name among the group of people who no longer have any APE in their wallet. It might shock you to find out who isn’t gearing up to buy their slice of land in Otherside.

First off, we’ll take a look at who does have APE in their wallet and looks all set to join the minting process to pick some hot property. Then we can look at some of the celebrities whose wallets you would expect to be bulging with APE, but who don’t have a single token.


Neymar is known as an NFT lover, so it’s no surprise he holds $445,000 worth of APE. Although, with the prices of the token going up by the minute, that number could be much higher by the time this article is published. The Paris Saint-Germain soccer star recently purchased a Mutant Ape and is a well-known NFT collector. In all, he has two Bored Apes and one Mutant Ape, with a combined value of roughly $1 million.

Two NBA players, Steph Curry ($295,000) and LaMelo Ball ($441,000) also have APE tokens ready to spend tomorrow. The basketball All-Stars have three Bored Apes, one Mutant Ape and three Kennel Club NFTs between them.


Gwyneth Paltrow ($234,000), actor and new-age entrepreneur, famously revealed her own Bored Ape back in January. She seems to have enough APE in her wallet to secure a piece of land – no doubt she’s looking for one near a healing spring or a magical tree. 

Comedians Jimmy Fallon ($231,000) and Kevin Hart ($229,000) both have enough APE in their wallets to afford some land. Both have also shown enough interest in NFT culture to make you think that they will want a small slice of the virtual world in tomorrow’s sale. You’d have to assume these two would make good neighbors, if only for a few laughs.


A few neighbors who might make a bit more noise are rappers Post Malone ($465,000) and Lil Baby ($48,000). Interestingly, despite having one Bored Ape and one Mutant Ape, Lil Baby doesn’t have a similar stock of APE tokens to the other celebrities in this article. Having done a bit of blockchain sleuthing though, it seems he sent a significant amount of it to this wallet on March 17th. The transfer is shown here on Etherscan. That wallet now contains over $1.1 million worth of APE, enough to buy some land in Otherside.

Dillon Francis ($274,000), music producer and DJ extraordinaire, has an excellent collection of blue-chip NFTs. So it only makes sense that he’ll be purchasing some Otherside land and setting up camp in the virtual world.

The celebrities not holding APE

It seems weird to talk about people not doing something or not being in possession of a certain type of token. But for these people, And there’s one among them who you’d think would definitely have APE, but he doesn’t.

Super producer Timbaland does not have any APE in his main wallet. Nor does it contain a Bored Ape NFT. Why this is surprising is because Timbaland famously jumped on the BAYC bandwagon back in November. He also joined forces with Yuga Labs to form Ape-In, the BAYC in-house music production studio. Perhaps Timbaland’s attention has been diverted elsewhere. Or maybe he has a secret wallet he isn’t telling us about.

Despite joining the BAYC last month with a customized Ape of her own, Madonna didn’t join in time to benefit from the APE airdrop on March 17th. So despite being a famous holder, it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll be seeing The Queen of Pop joining the Otherside land sale tomorrow.

Rapper Eminem holds Bored Ape #9055 and has done for the past four months. He bought it on December 31st, 2021, for $460,000. But he holds no APE nor did he ever claim any APE. It looks like Slim Shady needs to stand up and collect what he’s owed. 

One famous name might not join the land sale

Alexis Ohanian, a member of the ApeCoin DAO and all-round NFT heavyweight, has no APE in his wallet. However, he claimed APE twice last month. So I’ve followed the APE he received for holding four Bored Apes, four Mutant Apes and one Kennel Club. It was transported through this sizeable wallet, which has made 994,981 transactions on Ethereum, and ended up here. This latter wallet currently holds over $1.65 million worth of APE. What the owner of this wallet intends on doing with the tokens is anyone’s guess.

So there’s a breakdown of the haves, the have-mores, and the don’t-wants. You can use our Portfolio Tracker to keep a track of all of your coins, tokens and NFTs. You can also use it to see what your friends are holding or any celebrity who has a wallet. All you need is the wallet address and you’re good to go. You can also use our Token Explorer to track the price of APE, which is up 59% over the past week. See where Bored Apes sit in our NFT rankings here, or see the most expensive Bored Ape in the Top NFT Sales.

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