Madonna Joins the BAYC Family with a Customized NFT

Madonna Joins the BAYC Family with a Customized NFT
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The pop icon purchased BAYC #4988 through Moonpay’s services

Madonna, one of the biggest names in pop music to date, has joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club family after purchasing BAYC #4988 yesterday. The transaction was facilitated through Moonpay’s wallet, which has become standard practice for big celebrities. More interesting is that Madonna took advantage of her IP rights over the NFT. She changed its design before sharing the news. 

Bored Ape Yacht Club is at the forefront of crypto news as Yuga Labs launched the APE token last week. The increased activity surrounding the token also pushes the floor price of the collection. Still, this did not deter Madonna from purchasing BAYC #4988 for 180 ETH through Moonpay.eth. This cost the pop star about $466,072 at the time of the purchase. 

Aside from the newly purchased BAYC, Madonna’s wallet currently contains ten other NFTs, which were all transferred without payment. This probably means that fans are already starting to gather and send NFT gifts to the pop star’s Ethereum address. 

Madonna styles her own BAYC NFT

Of course, Madonna joining the NFT community is massive news in itself. However, what is more impressive is that she has taken full advantage of her rights as a BAYC NFT owner. The official announcement on the singer’s Twitter feed displayed a revamped version of the original BAYC #4988.

As you can see, there are some significant differences between Madonna’s post and the original image shown in her portfolio. The background of the NFT  changed to “New Punk Blue” from its original orange color, and the eye shape and color are different too. Additionally, the singer decided that she wanted to remove the cigarette BAYC #4988 had as an attribute originally. 

This “Spot the differences” game is only possible thanks to Yuga Labs’ innovative approach towards NFT collectibles. The Bored Ape Yacht Club collection and all subsequent collections of the series grant owners full rights over the Intellectual Property (IP). This means that BAYC owners can use, change and customize their NFTs in any way they like. 

Madonna is not the first celebrity to take advantage of BAYC’s total IP ownership perk. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow did the same when she revealed her entry into the BAYC family with a video featuring her BAYC #6141 without its original hat, but instead flaunting a long blond hairdo. 

Another curious detail is that the last celebrity introduction on DappRadar, Dillon Francis, joined the BAYC family with a very similar ape. You can compare the two originals below.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the celebrity NFT space as more VIPs make the leap and purchase their first blue-chip NFT. You can browse through the complete list of celebrity wallets, or follow DappRadar on Twitter to learn the latest celebrity NFT news. Additionally, you can check out the links below to find out why Bored APe Yacht club is so popular.

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