Why DappRadar has added a Show Airdrops option

How best to present the most accurate data

While the accuracy of DappRadar’s data is our top priority, we also spend a lot of time thinking about the best way to present that data.

And this is the context for a small but significant addition we’ve made to our website.

Toggled off

As the default option, DappRadar has always ranked dapps in terms of their 24 hour user totals (aka Daily Active Users). Of course, there is an ongoing and vibrant discussion about what is the best metric to measure dapp performance, but DAUs is what most people use.

This raises an issue, however, as there are a category of feature-light dapps which are designed to generate very high numbers of DAUs but which don’t generate other activity, notably token volume.

Currently active on the EOS blockchain, dapps such as ADM, ENBank and PRA CandyBox (which DappRadar lists within its ‘Other’ category) encourage users to regularly log in to collect free tokens or candies.

In fact, these three dapps regularly top the rankings in terms of DAUs, which is why DappRadar has now added a ‘Show airdrops’ toggle to its rankings.

The default option is switched off, hiding such dapps, which — while popular — we do not believe reflect the direction or the momentum of the fast-growing dapp ecosystem.

Of course, if you do want to see what’s going on including these dapps, you can just toggle the ‘Show airdrops’ switch on.

You can see this in action in the following video.

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