Why DappRadar added support for IOST

As the ecosystem evolves so does DappRadar

As was the case when it launched in February 2018, DappRadar’s mission is to be the most trusted source of dapp data for developers, users, and the wider blockchain ecosystem.

That will not change, but as constant change drives the entire sector so the data DappRadar provides must evolve too.

One element of this is adding support for new blockchains as they become relevant. For that reason DappRadar’s original Ethereum focus was broadened and enriched in mid-2018 as support was added for EOS and TRON dapps.

Now, in May 2019, support has been added for IOST dapps.

“Our goal at DappRadar is to provide the most accurate data about the fast-growing dapp ecosystem and so we’re excited to add IOST to our coverage,” commented DappRadar co-founder and CEO Skirmantas Januškas.

A new faster blockchain

An ultra-fast, decentralized blockchain network based on the next-generation consensus algorithm ‘Proof of Believability (POB)’, the IOST mainnet went live on 25 February.

Since then, it’s handled almost 47 million transactions, from over 290,000 accounts with 15 dapps and 100 contracts deployed. (You can see the latest transactions via the IOST Explorer.)

Of course, this is only the start with IOST’s ambitious goal being to have onboarded 100 million users by the end of 2019; something that will be enhanced as new features such as native sidechains go live.

And according to CEO Jimmy Zhong, a key driver of such adoption will be high quality dapps that introduce the concept of blockchains and cryptocurrencies in more accessible ways.

“The biggest barrier to mainstream adoption right now is the usability of the technology and the dapps that come with it,” Zhong says.

“With a huge amount of technical knowledge required to interact with the technology and understand the use of blockchain through wallets, exchanges, and smart contracts, users can often be overwhelmed and deterred from adopting blockchain platforms.”

The best technology is invisible

As a good example of the right approach, Zhong points to Bermi, a social network that rewards users for watching and interacting with viral videos online.

“This allows users to earn cryptocurrencies in a way that is familiar to them, while getting a chance to learn about smart contracts,” he says.

IOST will build on such improvements with its OASIS project, which connects the blockchain to a wider userbase by reducing the barriers to dapp access, ensuring users who do not understand wallets and blockchain technology can actively participate in the IOST ecosystem.

“We are extremely excited to be listed on DappRadar and see this partnership as an integral part of creating awareness and transparency of dapps, as well as increasing adoption and helping to drive the space forward,” Zhong ends.

You can find out more about IOST via its website, while interested developers can find out more by signing up for IOST’s Community Hub and checking out its Developer Portal.

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