What Is WEB3WAR: An FPS on Zilliqa Targeting Hardcore Gamers

What Is WEB3WAR An FPS on Zilliqa

A full-crossplay enabled competitive shooter for PC powered by Zilliqa

Zilliqa introduced its brand-new first-person shooter (FPS) computer game WEB3WAR. The shooter game boasts an incredible sense of control and visuals, ensuring players an AAA-level experience.  


  • The current blockchain game receives a lot of negative comments from hardcore gamers. 
  • Zilliqa looks to reverse that impression with its new high-quality game, WEB3WAR.
  • WEB3WAR is a first-person shooter with skill-driven gameplay that rewards players for their excellent gaming performance.
  • Those with clean movement, sharp aim, and the strategic selection of weapons and equipment will have real-world rewards to win.

As most blockchain gaming products lack well-designed gameplay and user experience, we cannot blame hardcore gamers for hating NFTs and crypto games. Sometimes, we’re not sure if calling these projects games is appropriate. Perhaps, it would make more sense to call them gamified activities on token speculation.

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However, the root cause of this phenomenon is not NFTs or cryptos but rather the motivations of those who use these tools. Blockchain and NFTs can undoubtedly empower games in various ways, such as digital asset authentication, ownership verification, player-owned economies, or just plain collecting fun.

So, when NFTs add value to games that can deliver real engaging experiences for players, they will probably no longer need to choose between NFTs and games.

Zilliqa, a high-performance, secure, and low-cost blockchain network, recently announced its upcoming game title, WEB3WAR.

What is WEB3WAR?

For enthusiasts of Call of Duty, CS: GO, PUBG, and other shooters, WEB3WAR will also be appealing. After watching the trailer, it is not difficult to realize that Zilliqa’s promise of making this game 3A-level production is quite reliable. Also, it’s definitely worth looking forward to seeing Zilliqa compete against established gaming blockchain networks like Polygon, Wax, and the BNB chain.

Zilliqa WEB3WAR game
zilliqa web3war

WEB3WAR creates a spot-on sense of control for hardcore shooter lovers. Players can choose their characters, hold different equipment and weapons, and fight around various challenging maps. But, most importantly, skills and courage are rewarded in this unforgiving battleground. 

WEB3WAR allows players to own what they earn

Describing the game as a “pure” experience without talking about its economic value is a bit flimsy. It is not unusual that players expect the fruits of their labor and great skill to yield a corresponding return. Otherwise, why would so many players try to sell their accounts to make money when they finally exit the game?

WEB3WAR intends to make such a reward mechanism more transparent and fair through blockchain technology. In WEB3WAR, from skins to FPS, the in-game currency, everything players earn and unlock, is theirs’ to keep, trade, or sell. 

WEB3WAR game assets

Furthermore, WEB3WAR is a high-skilled game that rewards players not only for their time but also for their excellent performance. To prove yourself as a sniper and eligible for rewards, participate in regular battles and seasonal matches in WEB3WAR.

How to join WEB3WAR

The game launch preparation for WEB3WAR is in full swing. The team will shortly release the whitepaper to explain the gameplay, tokenomics, NFTs, and more. Once the whitepaper is released, we will update this article immediately to bring you a more comprehensive game introduction. Meanwhile, DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of WEB3WAR.

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