What is VOID Token for HodlGod?

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VOID token is a fundamental part of the blockchain-powered action game HodlGod. Created by Onessus Blockchain Systems LLC, HodlGod is an exciting gaming opportunity on the WAX blockchain. Not only that, as an economic battle royale game, the native token is essential in supporting the play-to-earn aspect of the game. 

HodlGod allows players to start the game with as little as $1 in initial investment. Of course, the possible reward depends solely on the player’s skill and knowledge of how to advance further in the game. 

An essential aspect of the play-to-earn mechanics on HodlGod is the VOID token. Read on to find out more about the token and how it’s utilized across the HodlGod platform. 

What is VOID?

VOID is the native token of the HodlGod platform. VOID is also the connection between all Onessus dapps. The token exists on the Wax blockchain because the developers prefer its high transaction speeds and friendly user interfaces.

VOID tokens allow HodlGod players to purchase NFTs, and participate in the game. Not only that, these tokens can be traded and swapped for WAX tokens and then possibly even to fiat. Essentially, as the native token for HodlGod, all in-game transactions happen with VOID tokens.

As Onessus aims to create a whole ecosystem of decentralized applications, the native token plays a central role in facilitating economic relationships. Services like VOID market, an everything-you-might-be-looking-for marketplace, rely heavily on the native token. It is used to facilitate transactions and store value on the platform. 

DappRadar and HodlGod

DappRadar is proud to be a partner of HodlGod. We teamed up to create exclusive DappRadar collectible NFTs. This partnership is exciting, as it allows players to collect all five parts of an exclusive DappRadar robot. Not only that, all DappRadar NFTs have a set VOID value. This means they can be destroyed in return for the HodlGod native tokens. 


For example, if you decide to purchase a DappRadar NFT for $250, you can burn it to receive the equivalent value in VOID tokens. After that, you can just as easily use our token swap service to exchange your VOID tokens for ETH or WAX. In essence, native tokens facilitate financial exchanges on the HodlGod platform. However, they are easily swapped for other cryptocurrencies and even fiat currency.

VOID is an essential part of the HodlGod universe and the Onessus ecosystem. Because of its various applications, the intrinsic value of the token increases as well. If you are curious to learn more about HodlGods and its native token, check out some of our other articles on the topic.

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