What is TreasureDAO: A Seamless Ecosystem for the Next-Gen Decentralized Gaming

Treasure DAO All About The Gaming Ecosystem
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TreasureDAO blends NFTs, DeFi, and gaming for the ultimate experience.

TreasureDAO is an innovative NFT gaming ecosystem that unites multiple gaming worlds through the MAGIC token. The platform boasts an array of games, an NFT marketplace, a decentralized exchange, and more, providing a seamless gaming experience for players. Advocated by GameFi enthusiasts, TreasureDAO offers a distinctive value proposition for gamers, developers, and investors alike within its unique ecosystem.


What is TreasureDAO

TreasureDAO is a decentralized NFT ecosystem built on the Arbitrum network that connects games and communities through imagination, the native token MAGIC, and NFTs. The platform is designed specifically for gaming projects, aiming to create an interconnected web of metaverses that leverages MAGIC as the reserve currency.

A brief history of TreasureDAO

TreasureDAO started as a Loot-inspired project that quickly captivated and rallied support from bold innovators in the crypto sphere. 

Initially, TreasureDAO’s Loot-inspired NFTs fell short of expectations and lacked distinction from other Loot forks. To address this, the Treasure team developed a blockchain game called Legions to enhance their NFT series. Today, Legions has transformed into a pivotal game within TreasureDAO’s ecosystem, known as Bridgeworld.

The MAGIC token was initially introduced for free, allowing users to deposit Treasure NFTs, Loot NFTs, or AGLD tokens to earn MAGIC. Later, the market’s interest in MAGIC surged, so the Treasure team shifted their focus to further empower the MAGIC token.

Since then, TreasureDAO has continually evolved and expanded its ecosystem, weaving a network of interconnected gaming worlds through MAGIC tokens and developing diverse blockchain games.

Ecosystem overview

TreasureDAO ecosystem

Treasure’s ecosystem comprises various projects, all of which utilize MAGIC. Each project invents its unique lore and storytelling while remaining connected to the Treasure ecosystem through narrative and economic ties. 


Bridgeworld, the central metaverse within Treasure, is where MAGIC is emitted and harvested. It employs a three-part resource economy consisting of MAGIC (Power), Treasures (Resources), and Legions (NFT character). In this intricate ecosystem, legions use treasures to mine for MAGIC and build more extensive infrastructure and equipment. 

TreasureDAO bridgeworld

The dynamic relationship between treasures and MAGIC forms the equilibrium that underpins Bridgeworld, providing a solid foundation for connecting other metaverse economies.

Additional Games in TreasureDAO’s Ecosystem

The TreasureDAO ecosystem is growing rapidly, and more projects are joining the line-up all the time. Below you will find an overview of confirmed and existing projects in the TreasureDAO ecosystem, but the sky’s the limit. 

TreasureDAO games
  • The Beacon
  • BattleFly
  • Bitmates
  • Kuroro Beasts
  • Knights of the Ether
  • Realm
  • Smolverse
  • Tales of Elleria
  • The Lost Donkeys
  • Lost SamuRiase
  • LifeVerse

Among all the games in the TreasureDAO ecosystem, BattleFly and The Beacon stand out as trendy choices. To learn more about their performance and user engagement, you can explore their stats on DappRadar.

BattleFly is game that fuses strategy, auto-battling, and play-to-earn elements. Players create the ultimate fighting machine by strategically selecting mods from over 270 options. Recently, the game’s 7-day unique active wallet (UAW) has increased by 143%, reaching 158.

The Beacon, a free-to-play fantasy action roguelike RPG, offers a dynamic gaming experience with ever-changing dungeons, real-time battles, and more. In addition, the game provides various play modes, including single-player PvE, co-op PvE, and MMO-style socialization. Currently, The Beacon’s 7-day UAW stands at 675, showcasing its popularity within TreasureDAO’s ecosystem.

Trove, the NFT marketplace

Trove, the NFT marketplace launched on November 13, 2021, is where players purchase NFTs for Treasure games. The platform lists prices in both ETH and MAGIC, and includes a leaderboard displaying the top NFT collections by trading volume. 

Trove charges a 2.5% platform fee, while collection owners can set creator fees between 0-20%. To use Trove, players must connect a wallet that supports both Arbitrum and Ethereum networks.

MagicSwap, a decentralized exchange

Using the automated market maker (AMM) model, MagicSwap enables users to trade assets within the Treasure game economy. For example, players can convert MAGIC to GFLY (BattleFly’s token) through the platform. Users can also provide liquidity in exchange for rewards, which come from transaction fees paid by traders swapping tokens.

Treasure Tags, soulbound token 

Treasure Tags are free, non-transferable identities for gamers, allowing players to have a single tag as their identity across the entire Treasure gaming ecosystem. Consisting of a name and four digits, Treasure Tags are limited to one per wallet. 

In the future, tags will be linkable to avatars and badges, and players will be able to modify their appearance. Users can claim their tags on Trove.

The community-driven DAO

TreasureDAO is a community-driven project with a fair launch, rooted in grassroots collaboration. A majority of team members come from the community, fostering a supportive environment for open cooperation. In addition, the DAO encourages community contributions to the ecosystem’s growth by rewarding them with MAGIC tokens.

The Treasure ecosystem is governed by the DAO, with the Treasure Council aiding in implementing the project’s vision. As a result, decisions are made and voted on by MAGIC token holders.

The future of TreasureDAO in the metaverse landscape

TreasureDAO stands at the forefront of innovation, transforming how gaming projects interact and collaborate within its ecosystem. By harnessing the power of its native MAGIC token and nurturing a robust community, TreasureDAO is ready to unlock immense potential.

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