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The PVP economic fantasy game on Blast

Treasure Dwarf Battles labels itself as a time-efficient PVP economic game with fantasy designs, built on the Blast network. In this game guide we will take a deep dive into the game, and learn more about the play and earn mechanics. 

Before continuing, it’s important to notice that Treasure Dwarf Battles is still under active development. Therefore, its features should not be considered final. This article has been written after a community member won a competition on DappRadar. 

Treasure Dwarf Battles offers earning potential

Treasure Dwarf Battles is a PVP economic game built on Blast, which puts focus on simple gameplay and earning potential for players. This fantasy-style game offers a transparent competitive economic system, where players compete for treasures and leaderboard places. Players need to create an army of dwarves to claim their spot on the throne. 

Mint a $5 dwarf

Before playing Treasure Dwarf Battles, players need to pay $5 to mint at leasy one Dwarf NFT. There are 3 types of dwarfs, and each dwarf has two characteristics: Level and Strength. All dwarfs start at level 0 and strength 1, and after each victory the dwarfs can level up. When the level goes up, strength increases by 0.1 point.

How a battle works in Treasure Dwarf Battles 

Each of the three dwarfs in Treasure Dwarf Battles is by default stronger than one, and weaker than another. Durnar is stronger than Keldrin, but weaker than Brondar, while Keldrin is stronger than Brondar. This is the basis of combat, but various other factors determine the actual outcome of the battle, including equipment and a formula with some luck incorporated.

Treasure Dwarf Battles feature and gameplay overview

Let’s go through things step by step:

  • The battle starts by placing a $2 bet, paid in ETH. Each players does this, making the prize pool for the battle. 
  • Battle will now start, taking into account the dwarf’s level and strength, whether the dwarf has equipment and this formula below. All this combined results in an outcome. The battles are chance-based and automated.
Formula to calculate win chance for Treasure Dwarf Battles
  • The winner receives $3.60 from the prize pool, while $0.40 goes to the leaderboard prize fund, project treasury, team and referrers. 
  • The winner also sees their dwarf gain Level +1 and Strength +0.1.
  • In addition, the winner earns 2 points, which they will need to rank high on the leaderboards. 
  • However, if you lose you will not get any prize, and your dwarf loses 1 level and 0.1 strength. Yet, you will receive 1 point for the leaderboards.

Equipment for each of the dwarves

In Treasure Dwarf Battles, each of the dwarfs has their own type of weapon: 

  • Keldrin has an axe
  • Durnar has a hammer
  • Brondar uses a mace

These weapons come in different rarities, impacting the power boost they give. 

  • Common – 0.2
  • Rare – 0.5
  • Epic – 1

There are plans to introduce more types of equipment in the future. 

Leaderboards prize pool distribution

Players who compete in many battles, will also earn lots of points for the leaderboards. You can earn points by competing in Dwarf Battles or in Treasure Hunting. Win and you earn 2 points, but lose and you get only 1 point.

The top 50 players will share the reward pool. The number 1 receives 9% of the pool, followed by number 2 with 7%. Third place gets 4.5%. The lowest amounts will go to players in 26th to 50th place, who receive 1% each. 

NFT mint on Wen Exchange

Treasure Dwarf Battles NFT mint date on 6 June, 15:00 UTC

On 6 June 2024, Treasure Dwarf Battles will launch an NFT collection through Wen Exhchange. There will be a total supply of 1111 NFTs, and the mint will be completely free. 

However, there will be 3 phases:

  1. OG Mint: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM – 600 available, 1 per wallet (guaranteed)
  2. Granite Sage Phase: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM – 1000 available, 1 per wallet (FCFS)
  3. Public Phase: 7:00 PM – So long any NFTs remain 

Read the announcement post on X.

You’ve also got a chance to get whitelisted for this free mint. Holders of the Top 20 NFT collections on Blast will be eligible for a whitelist spot. This includes for example Fantasy Top, but also projects like CryptoValleys, Wen Exchange, Captain & Company, Blastopians and many more. There’s a total of 300 WL spots available for distribution.

Earn Blast Gold

In line with many other dapps and projects on Blast, anybody participating in Treasure Dwarf Battles also supports the developers to receive Blast Gold. This then gets distributed to the community based on for example their activity. That way, even losing can earn you rewards with these dwarf battles. 

Treasure Dwarf Battles is a fairly new project on Blast, and the Blast airdrop will take place on 26 June. This gives the community enough time to generate some volume, which makes them eligible for bigger Blast Gold rewards.

Closing words

Treasure Dwarf Battles is an idle battle game where players can earn double of nothing. It’s a simple concept, but one that fits the current cultural environment on Blast very well. Keep your eyes on the mint date, coming this June. And while you’re battling dwarves, may the odds be ever in your favor. 

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