What is Tezotopia: Will it Put Gaming on Tezos on the Map?

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Buy, sell, and trade digital territories & build unique virtual assets

Tezotopia is a new NFT game on the Tezos blockchain that allows players to earn an income from yield farming NFTs or waging battle against other players.  The play-to-earn game has seen a lift in unique active wallets connected to it and an over 50% increase in transactions in the last seven days. 

The earning mechanics for Tezotopia allow players to farm Tezotops, a type of NFT that’s part of the gamified ecosystem. As mentioned, players can also use their NFTs to battle other players. This will allow them to earn loot boxes. For those who don’t know, loot boxes are mystery packages containing a certain reward. It’s a game mechanic made popular by big companies in the gaming industry, like Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard. 


What is Tezotopia? 

Tezotopia is a gamified yield farming game set in a futuristic world. Players can either be a landlord or a warlord, indicating whether they are actively growing resources or battling for them. Tezotops NFTs are crucial, as these enable users to participate in yield farming. These assets can be found on the open NFT marketplace

Players can place buildings on their land to generate resources. These resources are then needed to create more buildings and build an army, but players can also sell them on the marketplace. On this marketplace, gamers can sell their assets for XTZ tokens, or buy mercenaries that help them in battle in the Warlord PVP game mode.

For the Warlords mode, a variety of robots with unique attributes can be assembled for a 9 vs. 9 battle with support forces such as aircraft units and artillery tanks. Moreover, players are not restricted to one mode. They can choose to play both: first using resources to create units with Tezotops, that then wage war against enemies. This will then earn them valuable resources, unique NFTs, and earn XTZ tokens.


How to yield farm resources in Tezotopia

The terrain map is covered in land blocks which are Tezotops. Every Tezotop is numbered starting from 0000, the Genesis Block, to infinity. Gif Games, the creators of Tezotopia, minted blocks 000 – 299, the first 300 blocks, and the community has since taken hold of the map to begin building out the next Tezotops. Players can scroll through the ever-evolving landscape using the terrain map, see every block of land’s resource multipliers, and go directly to the marketplace to view it. 

The three natural resources available in Tezotopia are Minerals, Energy, and Unobtanium. Every Tezotop (block of land) produces these, with some resources more abundant than others amongst various terrains. The rarest and most valuable material on Tezotopia, Unobtanium is an anti-gravity material that gets stronger by absorbing and converting heat and pressure into energy. It is the necessary component needed to create new Tezotops. It is produced at a rate of 0.0005/hour. The development of Unobtanium mines can speed up the delivery of this resource.


Minerals are produced at a rate of 0.5/hour and used to construct buildings and the production of Machinery. Minerals are a vital building block to advancing Tezotops. Energy is harnessed from geysers located underneath Tezotops and stored at a rate of 0.75/hour. Energy is needed for most production tasks, including creating new buildings, production of Machinery, combat, and the terraforming process of developing new Tezotops.

How and what to trade on the Tezotopia NFT Marketplace

The Marketplace on Tezotopia is split into five different tabs, four of them being for in-game assets. The last one is Raffletopia, where scheduled raffles take place, and you can win unique items. The Tezotops are the blocks of land that produce tokenized resources: Unobtanium, Minerals, Energy, and Machinery. You can buy these resources on the Tezos exchange QuipuSwap. Artifacts are decorations with multipliers associated with them that improve the stats of your Tezotops. See the Token page for more information on buying resources. ​

You can find Artifacts in the marketplace, and players need at least two to create a Tezotop. There are stock artifacts with no multipliers available in the builder. Still, if you want to improve the stats of a Tezotop and produce more resources, it is recommended to get artifacts with strong multipliers. Units are also available in the marketplace, with players needing a minimum of three units to do battle. 

Tickets to Mint Land

The Tezotop builder allows players to create their block of land within Tezotopia. It takes 0.50 UNO, 50 ENR, and 2 Artifacts to create a Tezotop. However, to make a Tezotop, players first need to get a “Ticket to Mint.”

To gain a ticket, players must enter a lottery and win a ticket. This lottery works the same as raffles. Tickets to mint will be put up in the Starbase tab, and you pay 0.50 Uno + 50 ENR to enter the lottery. Lotteries take place three times a day and will run for 15 minutes.

Vitally, players can enter multiple times for chances to win multiple tickets. Once the lottery ends, a smart contract automatically selects winners from each raffle. Players can claim a ticket and then unlock the Tezotop builder, burning the ticket. Interestingly, winners can also resell a ticket if they win.

Getting started on Tezotopia 

You’ll need a Tezos Wallet to get started. We recommend Kukai Wallet or Temple Wallet.

Next, you’ll need some Tezos: You can buy some here: https://tzkt.io/buy-tezos or https://changelly.com/ – for a complete guide on how to get started on the Tezos blockchain, please read here.

The above does not constitute investment advice. The information given here is purely for informational purposes only. Please exercise due diligence and do your research. The writer holds ETH, BTC, AGIX, HEX, LINK, GRT, CRO, OMI, IMMUTABLE X, ENS, GALA, AVASTR, GMEE, CUBE, RADAR, FLOW, FTM, BNB, SPS, WRLD, ATOM, and ADA.

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