What is Star Atlas and How to Play It?

How to Play Win Earn Star Atlas
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The starbound blockchain game with plans for a fully decentralized community

Star Atlas is a grand strategy game full of space exploration, territorial conquest, political domination, and a player-driven economy. This space epos heralds the next generation of blockchain gaming, pushing the industry towards high quality player-governed virtual worlds full of play and wonder.

Last updated 4 October 2023

What is Star Atlas?

Star Atlas is a futuristic play-to-earn Space MMO built on the Solana blockchain. It’s takes place in the year 2620 and its developers of Automata and Sperasoft created it using the Unreal Engine 5. Star Atlas is still under heavy development, and will see its full release roll out through various mini-games and modules over the next 5 years.

Michael Wagner is the CEO of Automata Inc., the development studio behind Star Atlas. The four other co-founders are Danny Floyd, Jacob Floyd and Pablo Quiroga.

Star Atlas takes a high quality game approach, and wants their game world to have the same quality as AAA games from studios like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. Various game elements of Star Atlas can already be used and played, and for example through SAGE Labs players can already start creating resources and earning ATLAS from doing so.

How to get started with Star Atlas

At the moment Star Atlas is not a finished product, and gamers can try different gameplay elements as they see fit. But before diving into the game, let’s go through some of the basics:

  1. Star Atlas exists on the Solana blockchain, and therefore you will need a Solana wallet. We suggest you get Phantom. You can also use this wallet for Ethereum and Polygon. — Download
  2. For some of the current gameplay features, you may need an NFT to access. These you can purchase using USDC or ATLAS. You will also need SOL to pay for the transaction costs. Good news, through the Phantom Wallet you can directly purchase some crypto from Moonpay or Coinbase Pay.
  3. With the crypto in your wallet, you can go to the Galactic Marketplace to purchase spaceships, resources, access keys, collectibles and much more.

What can I play in Star Atlas right now?

As of early October 2023, Star Atlas has various playable features live. Some of them are available just for fun, others already have economical implications and involve resources and tokens.

  • SAGE Labs – Resource gathering and collection, and earn from your efforts (official website)
  • Faction Fleet – Join a faction, stake your spaceships, earn passive rewards (official website)
  • Star Atlas Showroom R2 – Use NFT spaceships and play with them (Epic Games Store)

What are ATLAS and POLIS?

Within the Star Atlas ecosystem, you will find two different cryptocurrencies. Both ATLAS and POLIS are tokens on the Solana blockchain.

ATLAS is the native utility token of the entire Star Atlas universe. Users can use the token to acquire NFT items such as spaceships and resources, but ATLAS is also part of the in-game economy between players. And because resource gathering, item crafting and trading play such an important role in Star Atlas, ATLAS sure has a dominant role in the game’s economy.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have POLIS. This is the governance token of Star Atlas, allowing holders to become part of the DAO governing the Star Atlas universe in and outside of the game world. Those who hold POLIS get a vote on various points of decision making.

Which NFT game items are there in Star Atlas?

Star Atlas has the ambition to tokenize everything in their game world, ranging from deeds for plots of land, to spaceships, resources, buildings and so on. Let’s go through the different NFTs that users can now find on the Star Atlas Galactic Marketplace:


Ships can either be constructed by acquiring resources and crafting assets, or by purchasing ships from the marketplace. These ships come in different sizes, ranging from XX-small to titan size. Right now the cheapest ships will cost you $90, while the most expensive ones are listed for a million or more.


Under the tab Resources players can find all kinds of game items, ranging from mining drills to ammunition, and from fuel to food. These resources could be component to build other assets, or consumables to power buildings, ships and so on. The economy in Star Atlas goes deep, offering compound materials, raw materials and material bundles as part of the resources.


Collectibles range from vehicles and human characters, to wearable fashion items, crew gear, emotes for your avatar and collectible posters. There are also pets. Interestingly, both the humans and the pets in the Collectibles section can be used as crew on your space ship.


In the Access category, players will find Badges and Licenses. A badge doesn’t only show that you’ve been part of an event, but it also often provides additional perks. For example, you can use VIP entrances in space stations, or your can activate permits and licenses for one faction. These Licenses really give some political power.


Within the universe of Star Atlas, players can own various buildings. These are all categorized under the Structures tab in the marketplace. Think about housing, but also about crafting stations, cargo storage, and maybe a private landing pad for your spaceship. Mining drills, power plants, and space stations can also be found here.


However, you can’t place structures without owning a bit of land. That’s why you will need a Claim Stake, which comes in 5 tiers. Prices currently range from $30 up to $7,700.

What is the Star Atlas universe all about?

Star Atlas revolves around the conflict between Humans (MUD), Androids (Ustur) and Aliens (ONI). Securing domination for your faction, whether its control over planetary resources or political power, is important.

Mining and trading are other big features in the game. Extracting minerals and ores from the ground can be a lucrative career path in Star Atlas. But without secure trade routes, it’s difficult to sell your products. This is why belonging to a strong faction that controls space is important to success in the game.

Does Star Atlas have a DAO?

Star Atlas does have a DAO and the game’s creators see it as one of the most important features of the entire Star Atlas ecosystem. Every user holding POLIS tokens, had a say in the Star Atlas DAO. When DappRadar caught up with Michael Wagner, the CEO had this to say about them.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are blockchain-native governance systems that use automation to coordinate the directives of participants. DAOs are relatively new as a concept globally and they differ from traditional corporate structures in that they prioritize the member-ownership. These structures are the next step in the coordination of human capital and labor and this step is as historically important as the invention of the corporation itself.

Michael Wagner, Star Atlas CEO

The ultimate goal is to have a fully autonomous gaming ecosystem where the communiy can decided by voting. The voting rights are given to the community based on how many POLIS tokens they stake. But it’s not only the amount of tokens users stake that matters. The length of their staking period also contributes to it as well.

Star Atlas will utilize ‘multi-signature wallets and on-chain proposal voting’ so that ‘members decide economic and political control of the entire Star Atlas Metaverse.’

Can game developers help with Star Atlas?

Automata Inc. has released developers tools to help creators and developers to build services and games. The SAGE Labs web game is actually one of the first products doing so. It connects strongly to the wider Star Atlas ecosystem.

Star Atlas has create a Build hub, giving developers access to documentations and guides. In addition, they get free access to imagery, audio-visual assets, Unreal Engine tooling, APIs and mainnet program IDs and addresses. So, if you want to build on top of Star Atlas, they’ve got all the tools you need to get started here.

TIE fighters, anyone?

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