What is Rareboard & Why Your NFT Hunt Needs It

What is Rareboard & Why Your NFT Hunt Needs It
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The BNB Smart Chain NFT Marketplace Aggregator had a 269% increase in transactions over the last month.

The exciting search for valuable NFTs can be pretty time-consuming. With Rareboard, however, you can easily mint from over 70 collections in 10 different NFT marketplaces. Keep reading to learn everything about this NFT Marketplace Aggregator and Rarity Dashboard that helps you find the best deals first.

Anyone who wants to invest in NFTs should know how to calculate potential collection values. But how, if analyzing the rarity of listings is often as difficult as it is necessary?

It was amid the considerable demand for this information that Rareboard was created in the final quarter of 2021. The launch of the Pancake Squad NFT collection was the starting point of what Rareboard is today.

What is Rareboad?

Rareboard is an NFT marketplace aggregator for the Binance Smart Chain. This means that it’s a place where you can bid, mint, and buy NFTs from various collections from different marketplaces.

It also allows you to get up to the second rarity and price data for the collections listed on its Rarity Dashboard.

NFT marketplace aggregator Rareboard

Analyzing, filtering, and comparing NFT collections and listings across marketplaces on Rareboard is made easy, as you can see in the video below.

The benefits of using Rareboard are not limited to those who want to buy an NFT but also include anyone who wants to list them for sale.

There are no extras charged for sales or bids on Rareboard, and the process of listing your NFTs on the platform is straightforward if you already have your collection listed on NFTKey or PancakeSwap, for example.

Altogether, Rareboard already has integration with 10 of the biggest NFT marketplaces on the BNB chain: BinanceNFT, NFTKey, PancakeSwap, Galler.io, NFT Trade, and so on.

Rareboard’s growth in 2022

According to the project’s website, “Rareboard accounted for 10% of the entire trade volume of BNB Chain NFTs from April to May 2022”. It has become one of the most credible sources for assessing the rarity of Non-Fungible Tokens on the BNB Smart Chain.

DappRadar’s data also shows that, over the last month, Rareboard has seen a spike of 142% in unique active users and 269% in transactions.

Rareboard statistics on DappRadar

On July 8, Rareboard announced on its official Twitter account that it had reached two important milestones. In just 24 hours, they had passed the $1 million mark in total mint volume and $11 million in total trade volume.

As the project states, large investors in the BNB NFT space make their purchases via Rareboard, which seems to have given new collectors some confidence.

You can follow Rareboard’s growth path through Dapp Radar’s NFT Marketplaces Ranking.

We will also keep an eye on the new partnerships and benefits that the marketplace aggregator brings to the NFT space. If you want to learn even more about the best projects in the exciting world of web3, follow our blog, YouTube channel, and Twitter.

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