Track and Analyse Your Binance NFT Portfolio on DappRadar

bsc nft portfolio update

All your tokens and NFTs on BSC in your own profile

Gamers, traders, and collectors can now find all their NFTs from Binance Smart Chain in their DappRadar Portfolio Tracker. The DappRadar Portfolio gives users an excellent overview of everything in their BSC wallets, ranging from DeFi positions to token holdings and now also NFT collections. 

Earlier in 2021 Binance Smart Chain experienced tremendous growth thanks to its development community creating all kinds of DeFi dapps. Thanks to now established brands like PancakeSwap and ApeSwap, the Binance-branded blockchain solution is now the second most valuable blockchain in terms of total value locked in smart contracts. According to the most recent Dapp Industry Report by DappRadar, BSC holds $17.78 billion in TVL.

This amount of value also increases opportunities for new dapps to flourish. This is why the gamified DeFi or GameFi is finding success on Binance Smart Chain. The growth of GameFi also means a significant increase in the amount of NFTs on the blockchain. That’s where the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker comes into play, as everybody using NFTs on BSC now gets to use the best portfolio manager for every product category on BSC. 

How to see your NFT collection on Binance Smart Chain

  • Login to DappRadar, clicking the account button at the top right of the page
  • Use for example Metamask to connect your Web3 wallet
  • You should now see your own wallet. If you don’t, click the blue highlighted wallet button on the top left of the portfolio and select your own wallet from the menu. 
  • Standardly the portfolio will login to the Ethereum version of your wallet. It’s easy to switch to BSC simply by clicking the “BSC” view on the top right side of your portfolio. 
  • Now select “NFTS” in the menu, and you get to see all your non-fungible tokens!

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