Orbcity Game Guide to Play and Earn ORB Crypto Tokens

How to Play Win Earn Orbcity game guide
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A games guide in one of the city-building GameFi projects on Polygon

Orbcity is a Web3 city building game that combines elements of gaming and DeFi with NFTs, all powered by the native ORB crypto token. Within the Orbcity ecosystem players can choose to become a collector, farmer, builder or trader, all while putting in effort to build the nicest city in the metaverse.

Orbcity initially launched on Klaytn, and now also expanded to Polygon. It’s here where the game started pushing up the Rankings on DappRadar. Users have active and passive ways to earn rewards in Orbcity. Passive earnings involve acquiring valuable pieces of land, while active participation in the game can also result in an income.

The Orbcity game explained

Orbcity takes place in the year 2080, and earth has changed. After searching the galaxy, survivors move back to earth to claim territory and rebuild civilization. The survivors selected 1,000 locations, known as the Orbcity Districts. However, citizens and districts have conflict over ORB tokens. Players need to explore and scavenge for resources, upgrade their cities, generate LAY, and the cycle continuous. Special NFT buildings can increase resource generation, and proof to be valuable assets to landowners.

On which blockchain does the Orbcity game operate?

Orbcity now works on the Polygon blockchain.

Is Orbcity a finished game?

No, according to the official website Orbcity is now in the fourth and final phase of its initially planned development. (26 October 2023)

What is LAY007?

To mine ORB tokens, players need to have a LAY007 device. It’s a robot, and players can use this robot to mine ORB or explore new districts.

Why is ORB important?

ORB is the utility and governance token of Orbcity. Players can use it to upgrade their Districts, while also voting for future game rebalancing or features.

Can I own a District?

Yes, anybody can own a District. These Districts are limited in supply, and are represented by NFTs. You can buy them on marketplaces such as OpenSea or Magic Eden. By exploring the game map, you can also mint new districts as long as there’s a supply.

Orbcity game editor for Districts
District editor (July 7, Orbcity on Medium)

How to get more ORB?

The above mentioned Districts allow the holders to mine LAY crypto tokens. These earnings can be accelerated by placing Building NFTs within the District. Also, upgrading your District gives it a boost. Players can exchange their earned LAY tokens for ORB.

How to get ORB without owning a District?

Even though this method is financially less rewarding, it will become the economic boost that’s required to make Orbcity shine. Anybody participating in Orbcity can become a “laybourer”. Simple tasks can earn you BURNER tokens, which they then can use to get more ORB.

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