What is Nine Chronicles M & How it Expands the NCG Universe

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Going multichain, multiplatform and multiplanetary

The idle role playing game Nine Chronicles expands to mobile devices and new blockchain ecosystems with the launch of Nine Chronicles M. This free-to-play idle RPG allows users to level up their character, loot and craft equipment, and win NCG rewards through the Arena rankings.

In the blockchain gaming space there aren’t many projects like Nine Chronicles. This idle role playing game is built on top of a custom blockchain governed by the players themselves. Every gamer can run a node and be rewarded for it. However, this game was only available on PC. But that changes with the release of Nine Chronicles M.

What is Nine Chronicles M? 

Nine Chronicles M is a mobile version of Nine Chronicles, where users level up their character, gather resources, craft items, and trade with other players. All game mechanics are on-chain, and everybody can play the game for free. Download Nine Chronicles M, starting 22 November, and start playing.

Why should I play Nine Chronicles M?

It all starts with taste. If you like idle RPGs, then Nine Chronicles M may very well be up your alley. Moreover, the new Arena can be a big attraction as well. In this PVP game mode in Nine Chronicles M, players compete to become top-ranking warriors, which will earn them various rewards including game items and NCG tokens.   

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The Arena prize pool

Following the release of Nine Chronicles M, the prize pool for the first Arena season will be 1 million NCG. That’s the biggest prize pool the game has ever seen, allowing both old and new players to play and win. The Arena season will start on 29 November, one week after the release of the mobile game.

How to join Arena 

Arena is a PVP mode inside Nine Chronicles M. Players need to level up their warriors in the PVP mode, equip them with the best armor and weapons, and then compete against other player warriors for food ingredients. These ingredients allow you to make 12 different dishes, categorized as normal, rare and legendary. These dishes provide a boost when exploring the PVP world, allowing you to find even better items etc.

Nine Chronicles M uses a new blockchain

Nine Chronicles M runs on its own mainnet ‘Libplanet’ and the NCG token is an in-game currency which can be swapped 1:1 to the ERC-20 token WNCG. With the mobile release, the game will roll out a new chain, dubbed Heimdall, which will run parallel to the existing chain ‘Odin’.

The separation of Odin and Heimdall provides both new and seasoned players a chance to start anew. Through Heimdall all players start fresh. Items and characters playing on Odin can only be used on the Odin chain, and those earned through Heimdall can only be used in Heimdall.

However, the Odin chain is also supported in the mobile version. So players can also continue their journey from the PC version to the mobile version. While new mobile players can always move to PC as well, as long as players stay on the same chain.

How to earn NCG?

Nine Chronicles Gold or NCG is the native token of the Nine Chronicles ecosystem, supporting Nine Chronicles M. You can earn NCG simply by playing the game on a regular basis, while crafting and selling game items can boost your earnings. In addition, those who host a node for the Odin chain receive rewards paid in NCG tokens. NCG exists on the native blockchains, and outside on Ethereum and BNB Chain the token is known as WNCG, or Wrapped NCG.

Nine Chronicles M set to attract more players

With mobile gaming being a big part of the video game industry, Nine Chronicles M will attract a new audience to their ecosystem. The mobile game will be among the pioneering video games that allow players to gather resources, craft items and either use them in-game or trade them with other players on the open marketplace. 

NCG is already available on BNB Chain and Ethereum, while there’s also a BNB Chronicles. This web-based version of the game can be played by anybody, simply by connecting their wallet and playing the game. Those who play regularly earn more rewards, which includes for example BNB, NCG, resources and game items. It’s an example of the ongoing effort to bring Nine Chronicles and its play-to-earn mechanics to a growing number of players. 

Download the mobile game

Nine Chronicles M will be available for Android and iOS mobile devices. During the launch period there will be various promotions for users to enjoy. For example, there are installation rewards, which include items to help you boost your level in the game.

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