How to Play and Win: NFT Worlds

how to play and win: NFT Worlds

The revitalized open-world platform where owners can create their own realities

NFT Worlds is on the rise again. Ever since the news that Microsoft had banned NFTs from its gaming platforms, meaning NFT Worlds could no longer rely on Minecraft infrastructure, the Web3 platform has been on a journey of transformation and rediscovery. Now it seems NFT Worlds is ready to rise from the ashes and reclaim its place as one of the most exciting blockchain games.


Over the past week, land prices for NFT Worlds have been steadily rising. On 20 January, the floor price was below 0.8 ETH. That floor has increased by more than 1 ETH and now sits at 1.85 ETH. For a platform where land was regularly bought and sold for more than $35,000, it’s still some way off all-time highs. But these recent market developments are promising for the game.

Overall trading volume has also spiked: in the past week, people bought and sold $504,110 worth of NFT Worlds land. This is a 790% increase on the previous seven-day period. The news from NFT Worlds that they are well on their way to relaunching their remodeled game, without relying on Minecraft, has got gamers, traders and the Web3 community excited again.

Trailer for the former NFT Worlds

What is NFT Worlds?

NFT Worlds is a decentralized, massively multiplayer metaverse game ecosystem where players own and can create limitless experiences and possibilities within each of the 10,000 unique worlds that make up the collection. It was originally built on Minecraft infrastructure. Now NFT Worlds has its own fully-owned ecosystem.

These NFT Worlds are procedurally generated 3D voxel worlds that are composed of two elements: their visual appearance and in-game experiences that are attached to the blockchain, and their on-chain data and resource information that will be tied to additional NFT World dapps, token distribution, and more in the future.

How the game looked in the Minecraft days

By owning an NFT World, you own the rights to that world within the NFT Worlds ecosystem, the ability to build and all things built in that world, its in-game experiences, and much more.

Think of it as a scarce piece of digital metaverse land that can be transformed into anything you can imagine for others to play, experience and more. All in a massively multiplayer setting.

How to get started in the game

Use the Explorer dapp

You can easily explore any of the NFT Worlds by using the explorer dapp, which can be accessed directly from your browser.

The web dapp is user-friendly, all you need to do is search for a specific world number and enter the URL into your web browser.

Use the explorer web dapp on both computers and mobile devices:

On mobile devices, the on-screen controls can be used to move up/down, forward/backwards.

For computers, the following keyboard and mouse controls can be used to explore:

  • Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move.
  • Hold the spacebar to go up.
  • Hold the shift key to go down.
  • Click and drag to look around.

How to play and win NFT Worlds

As a gamer

Everything starts with worlds in this game. Owning one and building within it is the best way to play. To build in the NFT Worlds ecosystem, you need access to an NFT World, which provides a foundation for building your game metaverse and access to the ecosystem’s infrastructure, blockchain layer, WRLD token, community support, and more.

There are two ways to acquire an NFT World: buy one on the secondary market or rent one long-term using the rental system. The rental system allows you to rent complete ownership of a world from an existing owner for a monthly fee in WRLD tokens.

The new NFT Worlds logo

Once you have acquired or rented a world, you can start building any game mode or experience you can imagine, such as racing, shooters, role-playing games, and battle royales. There are two ways to begin building your NFT World, depending on your experience with digital ecosystem and your specific needs:

  1. Learn how to build your world by visiting
  2. Find verified professional builders on the NFT Worlds Builder Marketplace Discord server for custom environments, game modes, and launch assistance.

The other way to play this game is by visiting worlds, enjoying what builders have created and getting involved in whatever challenges and competitions they’ve developed.

As an earner

Playing as an earner is not too different from playing as a gamer within NFT Worlds. If you play the game as a land owner and create an experience within your world, you can charge people to enter and play.

Alternatively, you can trade WRLD tokens and NFT Worlds land for profit. You’ll need good timing in order to sell them for more than you paid. This is a risky way of making money, as it sits somewhere between investment and speculation. The recent price rise in NFT Worlds land does show that profiting from trading is possible with the game.

By staking your NFT World, you can earn WRLD tokens on a regular basis. Staking involves locking up your NFT, and the amount of tokens earned is determined by the rarity of your NFT World.

You can also rent out your NFT World. Set a monthly rental fee and the duration of availability for renters. By renting out your NFT World, you will earn both WRLD tokens from staking and rental fees.

See more on staking and renting in the section below.

What makes the game innovative?

World builder

NFT Worlds became so popular because it allowed holders to own their own portion of the metaverse and build it in whichever way they wanted. Once they’d created their world, owners could then invite people into it, create new things together and maybe even charge people for consuming the content they’d made.

Verified world builders can create your new slice of the metaverse

Building in NFT Worlds is simpler and offers more possibilities than other metaverses, as each world is large and allows full control over its mechanics. You can create any game mode or experience, including racing, shooters, role-playing games, battle royales, and more.

WRLD 2.0 token

WRLD 2.0 is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain used as the primary utility token in NFT Worlds. It replaced the original WRLD token in December 2022. Players use WRLD 2.0 tokens to access exclusive experiences, items, perks, and content within NFT Worlds.

Users can exchange their old WRLD for WRLD 2.0

World owners receive tokens in exchange for specific experiences, items, perks, and content. Transactions happen through in-game UI connected to blockchain.

WRLD is also used for purchasing optional NFT characters and may be required for future global perks and content in NFT Worlds.

Staking and renting

Staking NFT Worlds allows owners to lock up supply and earn WRLD tokens while supporting the ecosystem. They can also make their staked world available for rent by setting a monthly price in WRLD tokens. 

This rental system is important for talented builders and developers to create great NFT World experiences and earn WRLD tokens, without being priced out if they can’t afford to purchase an NFT World. It also allows owners to put their unused worlds to work.

The move away from Microsoft and Minecraft

On 20 July 2020, Microsoft-owned Minecraft announced that no blockchain-based technologies could be used inside its ecosystem. This made it impossible for the NFT Worlds-Minecraft collaboration to continue. The price of NFT Worlds NFTs dropped massively and the wider Web3 community questioned whether the platform could continue successfully.

Minecraft’s fateful announcement

Since then, NFT Worlds has been busily retooling its entire ecosystem and building new infrastructure of its own. The game no longer relies on Minecraft as the basis for its worlds and they’ve made plenty of changes and upgrades to create their new platform:

  • They’re going to change the name from NFT Worlds to something that isn’t so closely associated with the previous incarnation of the game.
  • A new website with updated branding, information and documentation.
  • Continued lootbox drops to begin building a base economy of in-game items before the client release.
  • They’ll be launching initial teasers of the new game client.
  • There will be a newly updated and reworked NFT Worlds systems. These will include the world manager, player accounts, and client-builder manager.

A new roadmap is also on the way, which will give a much fuller breakdown of where NFT Worlds will be heading in the coming months and years.

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