What is Metahero and the HERO token?

Metahero Token

$500 worth of HERO, MetaHero’s token will be given away.

The HERO token allows you to scan any real-world object and bring it into the Metahero metaverse. In this article, we’ll introduce you to Metahero’s fascinating product and take a quick look at tokenomics.

The Metahero project has been on fire recently. From partnerships with Bloktopia, exchange listings on CEX’s like KuCoin, and Kitco News interviews the project is picking up the pace. With the $500 airdrop, users win free tokens that they can take advantage of in the Metahero metaverse. 

Metaverse projects are on a staggering growth trajectory. According to DappRadar’s research, the floor market cap for virtual worlds is at $1 billion, growing 175% MoM. Metahero is hoping to get a slice of the meta-pie with its groundbreaking technology. Partnerships with Sony and Wolf Studio bolster the project while the token’s value is up by a multiple of 10 since its launch in August.

How to be a Metahero

Picture this, you’re sitting at home with your dog after a long day at work. You want to unwind, and what better way to do so than in the metaverse? However, you want to bring your dog with you. Pre-Metahero, that wasn’t possible–sorry pooch. But Metahero founder Rob Gryn understood that users want to bring real-world items into the metaverse. Whether it’s your dog, your favorite hoodie or even yourself, bringing real-life elements adds a metaverse reality twist.

The process of bringing the item into the metaverse is straightforward yet sophisticated. First, you must have enough HERO tokens to afford to pay for the scan (an airdrop would sure be useful) and then simply pay for the metascan of your chosen item. Then take yourself, your dog, your favorite plant–hell take your Mom–to one of the physical Metahero 3D chambers based all around the world. 

Once there, you enter the Metascan chamber where the cameras get to work. It looks a bit like one of the portals from the tv series Stargate. They take thousands of photos of all angles of your chosen item in ultra-high resolution. It takes a fraction of a second and you’re done. You can now take your dog into the metaverse with you across platforms, worlds and games!

The opportunities for these objects are infinite. For gaming, using Metahero technology to play as yourself lends to an incredibly immersive experience. Take a first-person shooter, for example, the gameplay gets way more real when the hyper-real 3D version of yourself is getting shot. The same applies to RPG games or racing games. It’s you behind the wheel of the car.

However, because it’s crypto, you can also license out your metaverse avatar or objects to other people. In essence, it means you can charge rent and generate income on your assets. The metascans can also be used in the world of fashion, medicine, and visual arts but the most attractive goal is of course metaverse play.

HERO Token

HERO is a deflationary real utility token that pays for the ultra-HD metascanning technology. It is the fuel to the Metahero fire. If you want to buy a metascan, you pay in HERO; if you want to earn an income on one of your metascans that you loan out, you earn a yield in HERO. So how do you get your hands on HERO?

DappRadar will give out $500 worth of HERO to 100 wallets in its upcoming airdrop. You can also purchase HERO on Pancake Swap or Kucoin. The total supply of HERO is 10 billion and the current price is under 10 cents. Each metascan costs an estimated at $200, so you can guarantee your presence (or your mom’s!) in the metaverse for just 2,000 HERO tokens. 

The Metahero project is expanding into 3D printing, recyclable plastics (topics for another day) as well as mobile metascanning. However, Metahero’s metascanning journey is only just beginning. Early arrivals in the crypto space are highest rewarded, so take part in the HERO airdrop and get onboard.
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