What is Memeland: Everything About This MEME-powered NFT Ecosystem


An ecosystem for meme culture, NFT, cryptos and so much more

Memeland breaks the mold of traditional memes by transcending jokes and JPEGs, and focusing on product delivery and innovation. With collections like MVP, The Captainz, and The Potatoz, Memeland has garnered immense popularity. Get ready to explore the dynamic realm of Memeland, uncover its MEME token, and have a sneak peek at its future offerings.


What is Memeland?

Memeland is an NFT ecosystem that leverages the culture of memes and combines it with the power of NFTs. Currently, it consists of three collections:


Memeland’s core focus is on building and investing in social products for the community. They strive to connect creators and communities through creativity, the MEME token, and NFTs.

While currently its features are limited to NFT holders, the team’s ultimate goal is to create an inclusive Web3 platform. But the pioneering aspect lies in the fact that everyday users can harness the power of meme culture and capitalize on its potential. 

In addition to NFTs and tokens, Memeland will offer a variety of features and services to enhance the user experience and promote community engagement. These may include media platforms, unique NFT staking mechanisms, and social networks for community members to interact and collaborate.

Who is behind Memeland?

Behind Memeland is 9GAG, a renowned name in driving internet meme culture. With over 70 million followers on various social media platforms, 9GAG has become integral to many netizens’ lives for over a decade. It’s headquartered in Hong Kong and is widely recognized for curating and sharing “silly” photos and videos that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Even though backed by 9GAG, Memeland strives to be a decentralized and community-driven platform, aiming to gradually transform it into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This approach aligns with the philosophy of Web3 and empowers the community to participate in the decision-making and governance processes of Memeland actively.

What are the NFTs in Memeland’s ecosystem?

The Captainz

Captainz is a collection of 9,999 pieces featuring pirate captains and their crews embarking on a quest for the legendary treasure. From the time the collection was first launched until the final art reveal in July 2023, when the characters reached their adult form, the community closely followed each evolution.

Being a part of Captainz ensures a higher level of membership within Memeland. Exclusive utility and perks specific to Captainz, such as involvement with the MEME token and access to Treasure Islandz, are yet to be unveiled.

Memeland The Captainz NFT collection

However simple the adult Captainz may look, they are more than static images. Each Captainz NFT is customizable, and owners can change their avatars’ clothes, accessories, as well as hair. Moreover, while most of them are humans, there are also other types of Captainz, like Aliens, Krakens, Sharks, etc.

Special and custom Captainz NFTs

Another important role of Captainz is their governance of the Memeland DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Through the DAO, resources will be allocated to projects and initiatives that align with Memeland’s mission.

On 4 January 2023, the Captainz NFT collection started its 48-hour minting period, with a price of 1.069 ETH per mint. In June 2023, the collection reached a floor price of 8.2 ETH ($15,000). In November 2023, all Memeland collections experienced an increase in popularity as it coincided with the launch of the MEME token.

The Captainz NFT Stats 22 Nov 23

The Potatoz

The Potatoz is a collection of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs in Memeland. They feature rarity-powered traits inspired by memes and pop culture. Potatoz represents the entry-level membership of Memeland, offering a fun and energetic community. They serve as companions to Captainz and have a unique non-custodial staking system for growth, with benefits like MEME rewards and access to events.

The Potatoz NFTs Memeland

Potatoz was a free-to-mint project in June 2022 and quickly gained recognition as a highly-ranked collection on DappRadar’s NFT Ranking. In June 2023, Potatoz holds a floor price of approximately 2.16 ETH, equivalent to roughly $4,030.

The Potatoz NFT Stats 22 Nov 23

You The Real MVP

The “You The Real MVP” (MVP) collection in Memeland is the earliest, smallest, and most expensive. It consists of 420 mythical gold trophies bearing the inscription “In i dór -o i greatest memes lies i greatest mír,” which translates to “In the Land of the Greatest Memes lies the Greatest Treasure.”

MVP offers access to a network of collectors, exclusive project information, private MVP lounge, preferential allowlist spots, and boosted utility for Memeland NFTs.

You The Real MVP NFT Collection Memeland

MVP was initially minted for 5.3 ETH, which was considered remarkably high back in June 2022, when it was valued at around $6,500. However, its one year later floor price surged to 55.8 ETH, equivalent to approximately $105,000. 

You The Real MVP NFT Stats 22 Nov 23

According to DappRadar, the collection experiences infrequent trading. This is due to the collection’s significant price point but holders’ belief in its future utility and value.

What utilities do the Memeland NFTs have?

Memeland places a strong emphasis on NFT utility and has dedicated efforts to construct an ecosystem fueled by its virtual asset. The first offering in this endeavor is Raids, a gamified experience that ensures active participation and benefits for NFT holders. 

You can learn more about Raids in the article below:

Meanwhile, Memeland has several exciting projects in the works, all aiming to enhance the web3 experience for its community. Here are some of the upcoming initiatives.

  1. HOLDERS.COM: Dubbed as the “Tripadvisor for your web3 journey”.
  2. GMGM.COM: Described as a “Web3 OnlyFans” platform but with a requirement for clothing. It aims to offer a unique and engaging space for creators and enthusiasts within the Web3 community. 
  3. STAKELAND: Making crypto staking fun is the goal of STAKELAND. This could potentially be an upgraded version of Raids. 
  4. PETSLAND: Designed for pet lovers and your fluffy friends.

Memeland’s MEME crypto token

The launch of the MEME, the ecosystem’s token, was undoubtedly been one of the most highly-anticipated events in 2023. Despite the project’s claim of having no utility, roadmap, promises, or financial return expectations, MEME garnered significant attention.

The Memecoin official website launched on June 10, kicking off its token launch process. This event resulted in a remarkable 365% surge in Memeland’s NFT trading activity.

The community’s first chance at getting some MEME came in late October, with Memeland’s Fire Sale selling over $10 million in the first hour. MEME’s all-time high reached $0.04 on 15 November, 3,900% above its initial price of $0.001 at launch.

Memeland MEME Crypto Token Price

Are Memeland NFTs a good investment?

Despite the challenging conditions of the crypto market downturn, Memeland’s NFTs have emerged as resilient assets, defying the negative market trend. All three collections have demonstrated a consistent upward trajectory in their floor prices.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that NFT trading carries inherent risks. It is advisable to approach trading with caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions. 

Use the links below to gain data-driven insights into these collections. 

What does the future look like for Memeland?

The future of Memeland appears promising as it continues to build a robust ecosystem and garner popularity among holders and the NFT community. 

Notably, its diverse product offerings, especially those websites mentioned above, are generating anticipation. Additionally, it recently launched the GM Show. It is a Twitter Space and Podcast discussing Web3 trends and knowledge and has gained significant popularity. 

With Memeland’s strong foundation and commitment to innovation, there is a question looming: Will Memeland be able to reinvent the success of its Web2 incubator, 9GAG?

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