Raids in Memeland Make Staking Inclusive

Raids in Memeland Make Staking Inclusive

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Last week Memeland unveiled Raids, a SocialFi (DeFi powered social networking) experience designed to enhance user engagement. It brings an interactive and rewarding experience for all Memeland users. More importantly, it demonstrates the project’s commitment to delivering value-driven products in the NFT space. Read on, as we further explore this and other exciting trends currently shaping the NFT landscape.

In the ever-evolving world of crypto and NFTs, it’s no secret that many memecoins and meme-themed NFT collections have gained traction and attention based primarily on hype. Cases like the Milady Maker NFT collection, which saw a significant price and trading surge due to a simple tweet from Elon Musk, exemplify this phenomenon.

Memecoin hype

However, amidst the flurry of meme-driven mania, many projects stand out for their commitment to delivering genuine value and innovation. Among them is Memeland. 

Born from the creative powerhouse of 9GAG, the world’s leading meme content platform, Memeland is far more than just hype. With a solid user base and a relentless drive to develop value-focused products, Memeland is making waves in the world of NFTs. 

The latest exciting addition to its offerings? Raids. 

Launched on 14 May, Raids is ready to reshape the landscape of collaboration and rewards distribution within the Memeland ecosystem.

What is Raids and how it works?

Raids is a gamified experience in Memeland to add a competitive and engaging element to the ecosystem. It is an extension of Memeland’s social staking mechanism Quest, which encourages users to form groups to maximize their rewards. 

To participate in Raids, users must first form a Crew or Super Crew by combining different digital assets from Memeland’s collections. These include MVPs, Captainz, and Potatoz. In these groups, users work together to strategize and pool resources, aiming to achieve higher rarity Mapz and Potions. 

It’s worth mentioning that Mapz are extremely important in Memeland as they hint at buried treasures, hidden secrets, or undisclosed locales. Also, according to the team’s official post, these Mapz could be linked to the upcoming MEME token.

So once a Crew is formed, members can join Raids and compete against other groups for the top spots on leaderboards and collect these rewards.

Team MVP69DAO and their portfolio

How Raids fuels NFT sales in Memeland

​​What’s truly inspiring about Raids is how it smartly blends SocialFi and NFTs. Unlike many other platforms that require a single user to own multiple types of NFTs to participate, Raids are more inclusive and cooperative. The mechanism allows holders of different NFTs to join forces, forming a team that can partake in the fun and rewards together.

This approach promotes teamwork and cooperation among users. As a result, holders in one team learn from each other, strategizing and experimenting with various combinations of NFTs. This is because the right mix can significantly impact the rewards a team collects, making the strategy an essential part of the game.

The introduction of Raids has therefore not only boosted user engagement but has also influenced the trading dynamics within Memeland. On 13 May, the trading volume of the highly-priced Captainz soared to an impressive $1.66 million. Over a week, its total trading volume expanded to $4.87 million, a 17% increase. 

Additionally, the relatively high cost of Captainz has led many traders to turn to the less expensive Potatoz. With a more approachable floor price of 3.19 ETH (approximately $5,340), Potatoz presents an accessible opportunity for users to join Raids.

On 13 and 14 May, the daily trading volume for Potatoz surpassed $200,000, indicating a strong market demand for these more ‘affordable’ NFTs.

Other noteworthy NFT trends

Blocklords Banners join top 10 NFT collections

Blocklords, a player-driven medieval strategy game on the Immutable platform, stood out as the only gaming-NFT collection to secure a spot in dappRadar’s top 10 NFT ranking last week. This blockbuster game lets players forge their own paths through various playstyles.

The in-game utility NFT, Banners, has achieved impressive sales records. Banners can be used to claim a Hero and secure early access to the game, with the rarity of the banner chests directly influencing the rarity of the Heroes. 

The outstanding visual quality and immersive gameplay showcased in the community beta footage might explain why these Banner NFTs are in such high demand.

In just 7 days, Blocklords Banners have accumulated a staggering $3.91 million in volume and 1,923 sales, demonstrating the game’s popularity.

Blocklords Banners

0n1 Force gains momentum

The OG NFT collection, 0n1 Force, has been gathering significant momentum recently, thanks to a series of positive developments. 

Last week, the project inked a contract with HLV, a firm recognized for its contributions to Apecoin and Dust for DeGods. Adding to the excitement, recent giveaways from 0n1 Force have included not only an 0n1 Force NFT but also a subscription to Crunchyroll. And it implies a potential partnership between the two. 

Furthermore, an eagerly-awaited announcement from 0n1 Force will take place today, which may be related to Blur’s reveal of new collections added to its Blend protocol.

The impact of these advancements is reflected in 0n1 Force’s impressive 7-day stats. According to DappRadar, the project has seen remarkable growth in trading volume, soaring by 389% to reach a total of $648,230. Meanwhile, the number of traders has recorded a significant jump, with a rise of 209%, bringing the total to 337 active traders.

0n1 Force

Check out the list of NFT sales highlights

N.B. Dollar values given are correct at the time of sale.

Every week, DappRadar highlights not only the most expensive NFT sales but also the most interesting in the previous seven days. While huge numbers are sure to capture headlines, it’s also essential to highlight emerging trends and keep the DappRadar community ahead.

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