What Is LUXON and How Does It Work?

What Is LUXON and How Does It Work
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LUXON partnered with DappRadar to airdrop 1,000 Hero NFTs to users.

LUXON is a Polygon-powered gaming platform. It helps games employ NFT to enhance game depth, allowing developers to release collectible characters and other items to increase game playability. The platform is set to release its first game, Desperado B218: The Scars of Exos, which will hold a closed beta test between November 17 to 24. On top of that, LUXON has partnered with DappRadar to airdrop key in-game NFT items to users.

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What is LUXON?

LUXON is a gaming platform and ecosystem that utilizes the Polygon network to empower users and developers. It provides a platform for game developers to publish their titles and a marketplace for users to trade NFTs. Most importantly, LUXON analyzes user transactions on the chain to identify their gaming behaviors and create a sustainable gaming ecosystem.

LUXON aims to address the limits of P2E and issues existing in the Web2 game business and management model. For example, current play-to-earn crypto games are missing user benefits beyond financial inducements, while Web2 games deprive users of real ownership of in-game assets.

Through its scientifically designed ecosystem, LUXON hopes to benefit users based on Web3 principles, including economic sustainability, game playability, user game asset sovereignty, and more.

The first game to be launched on the platform is Desperado B218: The Scars of Exos, which will have a closed beta test (CBT) between November 17 to 24. 

Only limited users can have early access to the game, and those who participate in CBT will have a chance to win prizes such as USDC or NFT allowlist opportunities.

Who is behind LUXON?

Luxon is the brainchild of South Korea’s Nerdystar, the new investment arm of game publisher Line Games, a video game publisher and developer, a subsidiary of LINE Corporation. Nerdystar secured a $5.8 million investment for its blockchain gaming platform Luxon, bringing the total amount raised by the company to $10.8 million.

With LUXON, Nerdystar intends to onboard traditional gamers to the Web3 gaming space by providing them with high-quality games powered by NFTs. Leveraging the strong IP and game portfolio of Line Games, Nerdystar can quickly bring well-designed games to Web3. In the future, the platform will also absorb third-party games to diversify users’ choices.

What are the roles in the LUXON ecosystem?

Different users have different habits of using web products. So teams can only deliver the right product by deeply understanding their users’ preferences. So how do we gain insight into the information of user habits?

Web3 users’ data exists on the blockchain as transaction history. This data is anonymous, public, and available to everyone, but a massive amount of data must be collected, cleaned, and analyzed before it becomes meaningful. 

The LUXON platform makes this process easy by integrating user data into three identities, Holder, Trader, and Player.

How do roles facilitate LUXON’s ecosystem?

The platform can obtain the user’s anonymous data when a user connects to LUXON via a Web3 wallet. Then, LUXON analyzes the user’s on-chain data and identifies the user’s ecosystem role. 

  • If IP NFTs and platform tokens are the majority assets in one’s wallet, the user will belong to the Holder category.
  • If users have active NFT trades, they are identified as the Traders 
  • Lastly, if the users actively participate in games, they are, of course, the Players. 

As users’ roles in the LUXON ecosystem are defined, they will have access to the corresponding identity NFTs. These NFTs have specific functions, and staking them in LUXON’s system will allow users to receive the corresponding rewards. 

This is designed to thank the various users for their contributions to the LUXON ecosystem and is a necessary process to engage users in the platform. The following chart briefly describes the NFTs corresponding to each platform role and the corresponding benefits.

It is worth noting that LUXON will never force users into a role they don’t want. Whether users want to focus on gameplay, trading, or investing, the choice is theirs. Users can always participate in all of the roles above.

In the future, the ecosystem will also introduce a Creator role for those who produce content for the platform.

Desperado B218, the first game on LUXON 

DESPERADO B218, is a five vs. five strategic team battle game. Here, players can recruit Heroes, form a strong lineup, and dispatch them for battles. In addition, players can use Heroes to assist others, compete against other players, and request aid from teammates. 


Heroes are important characters and assets in the game and exist as  NFTs. This means that users can actually own them and use them to interact with the game’s smart contracts to score achievements and rewards.

Heroes are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legend, with their attributes, outfits, and more.

Currently, users can obtain these Heroes by participating in the Initial Airdrop. After that, users must purchase Hero Recruit Tickets from the LUXON Store to acquire Heroes. Or, you can trade with other users on the LUXON Marketplace to get them.


LUXON features a dual-token economy with LXN and Balance Tokens (BT). LXN is a utility token that users can use to purchase items in the Store, trade on the Marketplace, and more. BT is the governance token that facilitates the operation of LUXON’s DAO. Users can earn BT by staking Crystals, spending, or holding LXN. 

As the project evolves, the LUXON team and community will introduce more use cases for both tokens.

Memorial Crystals NFTs

Exos Heros is published by Line Games across multiple platforms, including Steam, Android, iOS, and Floor (Line Games’ own platform). The game has recently released Memorial Crystals NFTs, which have long-term value in the LUXON ecosystem and DESPERADO B218.

Users can stake Memorial Crystals NFTs and earn rewards. Periodically, Balance Tokens will be distributed to accounts staked Memorial Crystals. Then users can spend these tokens to exchange DESPERADO B218 in-game resources.

LUXON puts the power in the hand of users

In Web2, the game is centralized, meaning players have no say in the game’s decision-making. When a game stops its service, all the assets, efforts, time, and money users have acquired and invested are instantly gone. Years of hard work by many developers will also vanish.

LUXON wants to fundamentally change this situation by building the platform as a DAO co-owned by users and allowing them to shape the project’s future.

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