What Is Honor World and How to Play It Like A Pro

What Is Honor World and How to Play It Like A Pro
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The ultimate guide to participating in Honor World‘s NFT farming, staking, gameplay, and more.

Honor World is a unique GameFi platform integrating NFT farming, liquidity mining, gaming, DAO, and many other elements to explore the infinite potential of Web3. Moreover, the platform leverages the Arbitrum network to bring users a secure and smooth experience. In January this year, Honor World will introduce Dragon Treasure into its ecosystem. 

In this article you will learn how this game enthralls players with its dynamic ecosystem and play-to-earn mechanics. 


What is Honor World

Honor World is a community-driven GameFi platform filled with a massive virtual world, charming characters, and rich gameplay. The platform endeavors to bring a nice balance of DeFi, NFT, and GameFi elements to players. So on top of enjoying the variety of the gameplay, Honor World players can benefit from a vibrant financial mechanism to explore opportunities to play and earn.

The team behind Honor World has a wealth of experience in game development and has successfully launched several popular titles, such as  Crystal Hunter. Considering Arbitrum’s security, speed, and cost advantages, the team decided to launch on this Layer-2 network. 

Despite the fact that the game has only just been introduced, its growth rate is notable. According to DappRadar data from December 30, 2022, the number of unique active wallets rose by more than 100% week-on-week.

How to play Honor World

From the moment players join Honor World, they will realize that this game is full of possibilities. The fantasy narrative will pull players into its world. There are farms with abundant goods, fantastic game parks, giant dragons in the mountains, and countless treasures waiting for you to explore. 

So let’s start with the most basic element, in-game characters.

Hero NFTs and how to use them

honor world hero nft

Heroes are important assets in the Honor World game ecosystem and these exist as NFTs. There are five levels of Heroes: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legend, in increasing order of power. Additionally, heroes come in four races, Human, Orc, Elf, and Undead. 

Heroes and their capabilities are crucial in Honor World, as players can earn in-game token HWT by staking their Heroes NFT. The higher the Hero’s level, the more earning power it has. 

How can players get a Hero? First, you can simply purchase Heroes from Honor World’s marketplace. But there is a more exciting way to recruit them.

Summoning Crystals help players obtain unique Heroes

To summon Hero NFTs, players need Summoning Crystal, mystery boxes on the Honor World platform. Players activate the crystal first and summon hero NFTs from the activated crystal. Summoning Crystal can be acquired from the ecosystem NFT marketplace or crafted by Summoning Crystal Shards by a ratio of 1:10000.

honor world crystal nft

To craft Summoning Crystal, players must use Mystery Crystal Shards (MCS). With that in mind, it’s time for the staking mechanism to come into play.

The Crystal Mining Pool explained

Honor World is an innovative fusion of DeFi and gaming. Users who stake the specific token pairs to the Honor World crystal mining pool will receive MCS as a reward. The total daily rewards of MCS increase with the Total Value Locked (TVL). 

Currently, there are five liquidity pools available for users to choose from. They are shown in the screenshot below. Liquidity mining is a feature on the platform that enjoys a large number of users, thanks to its ability to generate generous passive income for users.

The mechanism for generating MSC from token staking plays a vital role in Honor World’s economy and is essential to the entire circular economy.

Tokenomics in a nutshell

Each of the assets in Honor World plays a unique role in fostering the sustainability and vitality of the gaming ecosystem. The diagram below explains the connection between the various assets.

As mentioned above, staking Hero NFT can generate HWT for players, and this token has several utilities. First of all, HWT will act as a medium of exchange in the game. Also, HWT can be paired with ETH and staked in one of the mining platform pools to generate MCS. 

There is still one type of asset in the above chart that we have not touched on yet: SoulHWT.

SoulHWT is a Soulbound Token that can be used to boost rewards. More importantly, it is the only voting token for significant future decisions of the Honor World. To obtain SoulHWT, users need to bind HWT, a process similar to token lockup. The longer HWT is bound, the more SoulHWT can be produced.

Honor World’s ecosystem continues to evolve toward a more robust future. One of the key initiatives is the continued development of its Gameverse.

Dragon Treasure will land in the Honor World gameverse soon

Dragon Treasure is an idle game. Even though players don’t need to invest a lot of time to master the game, they still have to play it strategically. The game allows users to fight against enemies, gain in-game resources, constantly enhance their heroes, and climb the leaderboard to earn lucrative rewards.

This game will be open to all players on January 7th, 2023. If you want to take the first-mover advantage, follow the project’s official channel to get a head start.

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