What is Frutti Dino and How to Play It?

What is Frutti Dino & How to Play It
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The definitive guide to Frutti Dino and its ecosystem

Frutti Dino is a casual simulation role-playing game where players use NFT Dino characters to play a fun game. Monoverse, the team behind Frutti Dino, endeavors to build a collaborative and community-driven ecosystem where every participant’s voice is heard. 


The blockchain gaming industry has seen rapid innovation as players become more demanding of game quality. A high-quality game requires not only a sustainable game ecosystem but also engaging gameplay. 

With that in mind, Frutti Dino came into our sights. Boasting great visuals and a crypto-powered in-game economy, what kind of play-and-earn adventures will these cute little dinosaurs take players on?

What is Frutti Dino?

Frutti Dino is an NFT play-and-earn simulation roleplay game (SRPG) on BNB Chain. Developed by Monoverse, the game features a diverse lineup of cute dinos with unique traits and colors. Each dino is an NFT character, and players can breed, upgrade and trade them for profit. 

In Dinoverse, Frutti Dino’s virtual world, players are on a mission to defend the habitat of these NFT characters against invaders. During the game, players can collect various resources and have ownership over them, as players can store digital assets as tokens or NFT in their Web3 wallet. 

Monoverse created meticulously-designed gameplay for Frutti Dono to engage players and let Dinoverse grow sustainably. The team’s ultimate goal is to develop Frutti Dono into a platform with various ecosystems and games. Character IPs can then be licensed through franchising, resulting, for example, in spin-off game launches. 

It is also worth noting that Monoverse is developing its own mainnet, Entropy, a BSC-based sidechain. This strategic plan aims to onboard traditional and NFT-based third-party games into the project’s ecosystem.

How do the Frutti Dino NFTs work?

Frutti Dino is a unique creature made by feeding a fruit ampoule to a dinosaur. Except for the Genesis Dino, all Dinos are created through breeding and go through 4 stages of development: Egg, Sprout, Teen, and Adult.

Understanding Dino’s classes and characters can help users master the game more quickly. So, there are three types of Dino, carnivorous, herbivorous, and hybrid, depending on what fruit ampoule they eat. Furthermore, what fruit the Dinos eat determines their roles and how they perform in battles. The diagram below shows the relationship between fruits and Dino attributes.

Due to their cute image and essential utilities, these Dino NFTs achieved the highest ranked Top Sale for the whole week after they appeared on the Binance NFT marketplace in January 2022.

Frutti Dino Binance NFT marketplace

What are Dinoverse Lands?

The world of the Frutti Dinos carries the name Dinoverse, and players can own a piece of land. To do so, they need to own a Land NFT, which allows them to create new worlds and games to generate earnings. In addition, these lands are places to train Dinos to improve their stats. Moreover, Lands are full of diverse natural resources, which are valuable materials for crafting unique boosts for the Dinos.

Landowners can also earn profits by renting lands out to others for a leasing fee. As the game unfolds, lands will have more utilities and benefit their owners in multiple ways.

How does Frutti Dino’s game system work?

Now that we know the characters of Frutti Dino, how do we use them in the game? Monoverse has crafted a multi-layered game system for Frutti Dino, and they are interlinked to keep players deeply immersed. Let’s have a look at essential game systems in Frutti Dino.

Lease system

Players can acquire Dinos from the native marketplace. But what if players can not afford one? Don’t worry! The lease system allows players to rent Dinos from existing players at a much lower cost. The intention is to lower the entry barriers for new players while letting existing ones earn via rental fees.

Expedition system

Frutti Dino also employs an expedition system that allows players to

collect rare items even when not playing. To begin expedition mode, players must form a team. The regions are available for exploring include public lands and private land.

Private land may contain rare items that enhance Dinos’ performance levels. However, exploring private land comes with limited fees paid to the landowner.

Crafting system

Players can equip Dinos with special parts using rare materials and natural resources excavated during expeditions. Parts upgrades can modify the appearance and attributes of a Dino and enhance its performance. This also means that those upgraded Dinos are likely to be sold at a higher price in the market.

To make the Frutti Dino economy even more vibrant, there will be a system for disassembling Dinos into NFT parts in the future.

Battle system

Dino Frutti offers a wide range of exciting battle modes for players. For example, players can participate in tournaments to climb the leaderboard. A higher ranking can bring players more token rewards. Players seeking greater thrill and more significant rewards can participate in Battle Royale, where the last player standing receives a token prize.

In addition, Dino Frutti will hold Esports events. During those events, players can have the freedom to choose what they are good at and fight for the prize pool.

How does Frutti Dino’s tokenomics work?

Frutti Dino features two BEP-20 tokens, Frutti Dino Token (FDT) and FAT tokens, both native to the Binance Smart Chain. FDT facilitates Frutti Dino’s ecosystem as a governance token and connects the game to real-world systems. 

Users can stake FDT to earn interest. Those staked FDTs will also grant holders the right to share the profit generated by the Frutti Dino game and its ecosystem. 

FATs are utility tokens in the ecosystem. Frutti Dino will design various ways for players to earn and use FATs to maximize the fun and profitability of playing the game. Players will get a chance to use FATs in Expedition System, Crafting System, Lease System, and more. 

How to play and earn with Frutti Dino?

Frutti Dino provides a variety of play-to-earn mechanics to suit the different preferences of players. For example, participating in different battle modes and defeating opponents will earn rewards for players.

Apart from that, players can join the Expedition system to seek rare materials and craft the most special Dino to sell for a premium in the marketplace. 

Joining the seasonal events is another opportunity to reap the rewards. For instance, players who own Dinos with unique attributes can join races to earn tokens. In addition, since Frutti Dino emphasizes inclusiveness and a player-driven vibe, non-racers can also participate and gain rewards by guessing the correct Dino Race winners.

What does the future hold for Frutti Dino?

The Monoverse team strives to create an open gaming platform based on transparency, fairness, and collaboration. To achieve so, the team is developing its own mainnet, Entropy, a BSC-based sidechain. Entropy will serve as the fundamental decentralized infrastructure and attract third-party games and developers to contribute and benefit from it. 

What’s also noteworthy is that Frutti Dino highly values its community and wants to adopt a DAO approach to let users contribute to the project. Therefore, Frutti Dino will feature a Game DAO, Ecosystem DAO, and All-Round DAO. 

This arrangement intends to allow for more structured and specific governance of the project, with members able to choose the direction they care about and specialize in.

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