What is Forest Knight, How to Play and Earn?

What is Forest Knight, How to Play and Earn
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A complete guide for getting started in this fantasy strategy game

Forest Knight is a free-to-play turn-based strategy game that uses NFTs and the native KNIGHT token, play for fun and earn exclusive items. Set in a medieval fantasy world players need to complete quests, battle enemies and end the reign of the evil Skeleton Master. 

What type of game is Forest Knight?

Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game in which players need to recruit unique heroes, and level up their characters. These heroes unlock abilities and may earn exclusive items. Using their team, gamers need to defend the city of Chronville, using knights and magic. 

Where to play Forest Knight? 

Forest Knight is a turn-based role-playing game made for mobile devices. The game is available for Android, but can also be played on PC using Bluestacks or Nox. Forest Knight will also come to iOS, starting with a release through iOS Testflight. 

What game modes does Forest Knight offer?

Forest Knight offers a total of 4 game modes, but not all are available from the start.

  • Arena, PVP mode, allowing players to battle with each other
  • Underworld, PVE mode, custom puzzle scenarios that unlock through Orbs, found in Arena Chests. 
  • Adventure, PVE mode that offers six stages of 11 missions each.
  • Mines, an endless PVE mode that resets weekly and gets harder the deeper you go.

How to earn in Forest Knight?

Forest Knight embraces the play-to-own philosophy, meaning that every gamer can earn NFT items as long as they put time and effort into the game. The developers state that the fantasy RPG combines mobile gaming with player driven economies, which provides a deep strategic metagame for both PVE and PVP enthusiasts. You will need to level up your heroes, battle in the PVE mode, get strong enough for PVP, and then you can start winning NFTs and KNIGHT tokens. 

How to upgrade an NFT?

Forest Knight introduces NFT Merging, allowing players to upgrade an NFT by burning two NFTs of similar rarity or higher. Yes, NFT Merging requires 3 NFTs, and the newly created NFTs gets the base stats of one of them. There’s also randomness involved in merging, meaning that the newly minted NFT could potentially get a random skill. You will need KNIGHT tokens to upgrade and merge an NFT. 

For how much do Forest Knight NFTs sell? 

At the time of writing, the most expensive NFTs on the marketplace sell for $88. Please take a look at the latest, live data to see the most recent NFT sales for Forest Knight. 

What crypto or Web3 items are there in the game?

Forest Knight features three types of items: virtual, fungible items and NFTs. There are for example weapons or armor that Heroes can wear to increase their stats. 

  • Virtual items – In-game items that can not be traded, and do not exist on the blockchain
  • NFTs – Limited edition game items (swords, shields) on the blockchain, with different rarities. 
  • Fungible tokens – These blockchain items can provide a boost, but are not limited in supply.  

How does scarcity work in Forest Knight?

All non-fungible tokens in Forest Knight are scarce and limited in supply. That means that the following items are NFTs, have value and can be traded on the marketplace. 

  1. Land – there’s only a fixed supply of land available in the game world
  2. Game items – Every NFT-backed weapon is limited edition, but some more than others of course
  3. Seasonal rewards – Each season or time period there will be limited edition drops or rewards for players. These are also NFTs. 

Where to trade Forest Knight game item NFTs? 

Forest Knight has an in-game marketplace which will have a V2 version coming in 2023. All items exist on the blockchain and can therefore also be traded on third-party marketplaces such as OpenSea or Jump.Trade. 

What is KNIGHT? 

KNIGHT is the native utility and governance token for Forest Knight, allowing players to upgrade NFTs by merging them, but also giving them a say in the direction of the game. 

Gamers can use KNIGHT to purchase accessories, weapons, skins, and land. And of course there’s the merging part. On the other hand, they can earn KNIGHT in the Arena and by staking their tokens. Staking KNIGHT also unlocks the ability to participate in governance decisions. 

Certain quests and special features are only available to players who staked their KNIGHT for a certain amount of time. 

What about in-game resources?

Forest Knight features a variety of in-game resources, each with a different purpose. These items do NOT exist on the blockchain, and merely are there for gameplay reasons.

  • Gold – the basic resource that you earn in-game, used for upgrading heroes, purchasing items and other things
  • Gems – a premium currency to purchase equipment, heroes etc.
  • Food – regenerative resource, consumed when entering a new adventure
  • Runes – a basic resource used to upgrade hero characters

What is the Forest Knight NFT battle pass?

Forest Knight introduces a Battle Pass, similar to many mainstream games. However, in Forest Knight the Battle Pass clearly incentivizes players to participate in the PVP Arena. Players who complete missions and win battles, will level up their battle pass. Yes, this pass is an NFT as well. The NFT level at the end of a season determines the rewards someone is able to earn. 

What does the Forest Knight roadmap look like? 

Before the end of June, the developers want to have the iOS version of the game ready on Testflight. Recently they also launched PVP Season 2. Further down the road, the team wants to update their NFT marketplace, introduce pets, allow for user-generated content, and launch an expansion for the game. In 2024, they are planning “land release”, giving players ownership over a piece of digital land in the game world. 

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