What is FEAR, the Horror Play-to-Earn Ecosystem?


This is your invitation to the Fear Horrorverse

The Fear blockchain gaming ecosystem takes existing, successful horror games from the conventional video gaming space and brings them into the play-to-earn gaming experience. Basically, you can earn money by scaring the living daylights out of yourself! But come back from hiding behind the sofa – and read on to find out more.  

Fear is a blockchain gaming horror ecosystem and incubator for horror games with NFTs and P2E. With their Play-to-Earn system, gamers can buy or earn tickets to burn in a variety of horror games. It all kicks off with their flagship game: Whack Your Undead Neighbor!

Airdrop active: December 6th – 12th, 2021

The popular ‘Whack It’ series are casual games that have racked up millions of views on Youtube. With this following, Fear intends to become the first blockchain gaming ecosystem to convert large swathes of traditional gamers into blockchain gaming. 

FEAR of missing out

Because it’s crypto, Fear’s FEAR token is the in-game token. For gamers unfamiliar with the crypto world, a handy fiat on-ramp solution makes it easy to buy FEAR tokens using your credit card. As a result buying in-game assets or NFTs will be seamless and easy. . In a nutshell, it means acquiring FEAR coin and NFTs will be even more seamless and easy. 

FEAR token underpins the Fear gaming series. Gamers holding the coin gain access to the NFT universe, play-to-earn and yield farming areas of the Fear ecosystem. In essence, you need to acquire, buy or earn FEAR to play in different areas of the Fear ecosystem. For more details check here.  

In terms of staking, Fear implements a time-based reward system that incentivizes long-term liquidity. The ‘dynamic bonus pool’ operates on a rolling 100-day basis, first starting on October 27th 2021. As with other crypto projects, the longer you stake, the higher the rewards. Plus, the APY can fluctuate up to as much as 400% APY. 

Have no fear of The Horrorverse

The ‘Fear Museum’ is the gateway into the upcoming 3D HorrorVerse. This gaming Metaverse features play-to-earn quests where you can earn NFTs and access other play-to-earn gaming horror worlds. Whack Your Undead Neighbor is the current most popular game, while Whack The Demon is due for release in the first quarter of 2022. 

Regarding other game developments, Esports International has top-secret plans for a partnership with Fear in 2022. Similarly, there may be ‘movie industry NFT integrations’ as well as an evolution of the play-to-earn model in early 2022. 

So whether you’re a fan of a jump scare or you’re a FEAR-less accumulator, you’ll want to hear about the airdrop. At DappRadar, $500 of FEAR token is up for grabs on our airdrop page starting on Monday, December 6th and ending Sunday, December 12th.

Click here to join, connect your Web3 wallet and start using the DappRadar Portfolio while you await the results of the airdrop. 

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