How to Play and Win: DeHeroGame


DeHeroGame is a popular GameFi project on the Rangers Protocol

DeHeroGame, built on the Rangers Protocol, is a GameFi platform that combines NFT collectibles, strategic gameplay for rewards, and the exciting world of DeFi. Let’s delve into this GameFi project and learn everything about it. 


What is DeHeroGame?

DeHero is a GameFi platform developed on the Rangers Protocol, blending the worlds of gaming, collectible card strategy, and crypto-fueled economy. The dapp invites players to stake NFT assets, unbox unique NFT card packs, and implement strategies to earn rewards.

What makes DeHeroGame special?

DeHero’s uniqueness lies in its features centered around an extensive collection of Hero NFT characters, offering players the thrill of collecting. Also, DeHero introduces an innovative staking mechanic that further amplifies the excitement, providing players with a chance to earn significant rewards.

But what’s great about DeHero is that it’s not just for finance-savvy players. Instead, it’s a game that lets everyone upgrade their characters, learn new skills, and use them in a bunch of different strategies. This makes the gameplay constantly changing and always exciting. 

The smart design of DeHero is evident not only in its unique GameFi mechanics but also in its outstanding performance metrics. Over the past 30 days, the game has attracted a robust player base, with Unique Active Wallets (UAW) reaching 5.9k. Moreover, the vibrant in-game economy has recorded an impressive 1 million transactions within the same timeframe. 


How to start playing in DeHeroGame?

To begin your DeHero adventure, all you need is a web browser. Follow these steps:

  • DeHero is a browser-based game. This means you can play it on any device – computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • To log in, you can use MetaMask or UniPass. If you haven’t registered an account yet, you’ll need to do that first.
  • For a GameFi platform like DeHero, you’ll need a crypto wallet to manage your in-game assets and transactions. Watch the video below to learn how to do it. 
  • Once your wallet is set up, you’re ready to start your journey. Dive into the game, explore, strategize, and start earning rewards.
  • DeHero is an expansive game with lots of features. Spend some time exploring different aspects of the game, understanding the gaming mechanics, and learning strategies.

Are there any NFTs in DeHeroGame?


Yes, there are plenty of NFTs in the DeHeroGame ecosystem. Hero NFTs in DeHeroGame are unique, collectible digital characters that players can use within the game. These characters come in nine different professions, such as Knight, Lancer, Warrior, Archer, among others, each bringing its unique abilities and play styles to the game.

Each Hero NFT possesses specific attributes, including Strength, Agility, Spirit, Attack, HP, and Speed, which impact their performance in combat. Additional attributes like Armor, Magic Resistance, and Critical Hit rates add another layer of strategy, determining their defensive capabilities and potential to deal extra damage. 

In essence, Hero NFTs add strategic depth to DeHeroGame, making each player’s experience unique based on their collected heroes.

What’s the in-game currency?

DeHeroGame Amazing, or AMG, is the native token of DeHeroGame. It’s not only a token, but also a way for players to have a say in the game’s community. There are 100 million AMG tokens in total, and they can be used for lots of things like improving your in-game NFTs, buying a monthly membership, getting special event tickets, and voting on game matters. 

You earn AMG tokens as rewards for being a dedicated DeHeroGame player. Alternatively, you can get them from popular exchanges, such as MEXC and PonytaSwap.

How to play and earn in DeHeroGame?

In DeHero, players have numerous ways to play and earn. With a wide selection of heroes and their diverse skill sets, players can create endless possibilities to defeat opponents and earn significant profits. Additionally, the liquidity pool (LP) offers an opportunity for players to earn commission revenue by contributing trading pairs. 

DeHero will also introduce new game modes, further expanding the options for players to reap rewards.

DeHeroGame 2023 roadmap

In 2023, DeHeroGame has set ambitious goals. The top priority is actively engaging with the community to gather feedback and enhance the gaming experience, particularly by improving DeHeroGame on the Rangers mainnet. 

Alongside this, players can look forward to the launch of a series of thrilling events, such as tournaments, and new NFT Hero cards, which will bring a fresh dynamic to the game. Additionally, the game’s special effects will be elevated, offering players even more visually stunning experiences.

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