What is Contribute2Earn and How it Benefits the Community

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DappRadar envisions an ecosystem where people work and earn together

DappRadar wants to involve the community in the future of the ecosystem, not only through governance but also by introducing Contribute2Earn. We want to build an autonomous, decentralized ecosystem, running its own infrastructure, aligned and powered by the community. 

A key component to this vision is the formation of the DappRadar DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization – giving RADAR holders a way in which to directly shape the future of The World’s Dapp Store Together with this governance centerpiece we will introduce an incentive structure that works seamlessly within DappRadar  and aligns with the influence of the community. We’ve coined this: Contribute2Earn.

Look at the RADAR whitepaper, page 36, and you will see that 40% of the total supply of the RADAR token is meant for Community. This does not mean we will simply give away tokens, instead those who contribute to the DappRadar ecosystem will be able to earn a piece of the pie. Contribution can be anything ranging from content creation to content curation, and from community management to coding, code reviewing and bug hunting. 

Through Contribute2Earn everybody can participate in building a thriving dapp store, which will benefit yourself, your friends, family and millions of others. As more people get involved in the blockchain ecosystem, demand for DappRadar as the World’s Dapp Store will only increase – from 2022 will start to see this vision become a reality.

The DappRadar community is already pioneering the future of the internet, and their contributions to the World’s Dapp Store will be rewarded using RADAR. Developers, builders, managers, content creators, community managers, moderators, testers, all come together to contribute and earn, making DappRadar the most useful gateway for everybody active in the wider blockchain ecosystem. 

Join the DappRadar community on Discord and discuss. When the time comes, you will need RADAR to vote. If you want to learn more about RADAR, check the token page, and don’t forget to see if you’re eligible for the RADAR airdrop.

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