What is Blankos Block Party?

Blankos Block Party
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Blankos Block Party is one of the most anticipated blockchain games of 2021. The private BETA launch is now live and you can get involved by purchasing a founders pack (starting from $25).

With NFTs now generating a lot of attention, many people are predicting games will be a key category driving blockchain adoption in early 2021. 

That’s great timing for titles such as Blankos Block Party, which recently opened its private beta to pre-registered users and anyone who buys one of its Founders Packs (starting from $25). 

Based around Blankos, funky vinyl characters created by famous designers, Blankos Block Party is a user-generated universe where anyone can create their own mini-games and invite their friends to come and play.

One of its key features is that although it’s running on a customized version of the EOS blockchain, it doesn’t mention this at all. Instead, it’s accessed like any other PC game using an email and password, with all the technicalities of wallets and private keys hidden in the background.

This is a very deliberate decision from publisher Mythical Games and developer Third Kind Games, who want the game to attract a large audience, not be limited to a small niche of crypto enthusiasts. And that’s also one of the reasons Blankos Block Party will be released on gaming consoles in 2021.

Indeed, Mythical Games’ broader aim is to use the power of blockchain to allow millions of gamers to own and trade their in-game items; something it labels a “player-led economy”. 

In that context, Blankos Block Party is the just first game it’s launching to test its technology platform, which it hopes other developers will use to make their own blockchain games in future.

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