What is Arbitrum: The Blockchain Complete Guide

What is Arbitrum Blockchain Complete Guide
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The effective layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum

Welcome to DappRadar’s ultimate guide about Arbitrum, an L2 scaling solution for Ethereum, which offers a unique combination of benefits. Scalability, trustless security, and minimum costs are among its main features. We’ll lay out the knots and bolts for you here. Stay tuned!


What is Arbitrum One? 

Arbitrum One is a layer-2 blockchain for Ethereum that uses optimistic rollups for scalability. Rollups are a type of technology that reduces the computation load of the main Ethereum blockchain (layer-1), allowing the running of smart contracts at scale while still preserving its security. 

The rollup technology results in decreased gas fees and a significantly less congested Ethereum network. This is why many developers are choosing to build on Arbitrum. 

Who created Arbitrum? 

The layer-2 solution is built by the New York-based company Offchain Labs. Offchain Labs is a venture-backed and Princeton-founded company. The company was valued at approximately  $1.2 billion after a $100 million Series B led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. 

Other known investors include Polychain Capital, Ribbit Capital, Redpoint Ventures, Pantera Capital, Alameda Research, and Mark Cuban.

What is special about Arbitrum? 

Arbitrum operates as a separate layer of the network to prevent the Ethereum mainnet from clogging by facilitating the validation of smart contracts via optimistic Arbitrum rollups. 

Arbitrum’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility makes it unique, allowing developers to build their dapps within the Arbitrum mainnet without learning a new coding language. It is one of the best layer-2 solutions in both security and reliability thanks to its advanced fraud-proof mechanism and its proprietary VM. 

Top dapps on Arbitrum


GMX is an on-chain perpetual futures and composable spot trading protocol, allowing traders to execute trades at up to execute trades up to 30X directly from their own wallets.


SushiSwap is a similar DEX to Uniswap with added community-oriented features improving the overall protocol´s design. With SushiSwap, one can provide some liquidity into a pool and earn rewards in the form of SUSHI tokens. 


Uniswap is a DEX eliminating trusted intermediaries and unnecessary forms of rent extraction, allowing for fast, efficient trading. It uses smart contracts to facilitate automated transactions between crypto tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. 

What is Arbitrum Nova?

Arbitrum Nova is a new chain that is mainly intended for gaming and social applications. It uses AnyTrust technology and is optimized for social and gaming applications that require ultra-low fees and high security.

What is the Nitro upgrade?

This ambitious rollup stack is built by the Arbitrum team to bring faster transactions, lower fees, and an improved user experience for building dapps. Also, it enhances throughput and interoperability.

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