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1500 Years old and still innovating, made by Chess.com and Animoca Brands

DappRadar now tracks Anichess, the Web3-powered chess game by Animoca Brands and Chess.com, through a custom integration. This way Anichess community members and the wider Web3 audience can dive into active wallet numbers and other crucial data. 

The Web3 gaming community can now visit the Anichess project page on DappRadar to dive into all the blockchain data. The custom integration allows DappRadar to properly show the number of Unique Active Wallets (UAW) and other data. 

What is Anichess?

Anichess is a refreshing take on the 1500 year old game of chess, powered by Web3 technology and made by Animoca Brands and Chess.com. The game preserves the classic elements of the board game, but also extends beyond the 8×8 board.

Spell mechanics are one of the new features Anichess introduces, adding a new strategic layer to the game. This way Animoca and Chess.com hope to make the game attractive for a more diverse demographic.

While innovating, Anichess preserves the core ethos of chess. Players need to plan strategically, think in probabilities and outsmart their opponents, all while also introducing the innovative spell mechanism. Anichess welcomes players of all skill levels, from beginners to grandmasters, to experience depth in gameplay and the expansive lore of the Anichess universe. 

Chess with Spells

Anichess innovates by adding a layer of gamification and some magic to the game. In its first phase of launch, Anichess invites players to a solo adventure in which they must use unique magical spells and traditional chess moves to solve daily chess puzzles. The gameplay is balanced not to overpower the core ethos of chess and the spell can only be used once per puzzle. Anichess will keep the challenge fresh by introducing daily puzzles and weekly spells. 

The first spell Anichess introduced was Parkour Mech. This spell transforms any piece, aside from the king and queen, into a knight. Casting a spell counts as one move, and the results of the spell are permanent. Precise deployment of a spell can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Game modes and content

Anichess offers a wide variety of content for chess enthusiasts and strategy gamers. 

Daily puzzles

There are 3 daily puzzles in various difficulties, and finishing all these rewards players with a Pawn of Water every day. There is also a daily Bonus Puzzle that can be unlocked by completing the 3 daily puzzles and locking the Orbs of Power in Gambit. The Bonus Puzzle holds a bonus reward – Bronze Chesshapon that can contain any of the six of Orbs of Power. 


In addition, there are three types of missions for players to complete. These missions are more inclusive, and allow players to earn rewards. 

Daily streaks

Anichess also celebrates loyalty, rewarding players with loyalty rewards if they sign-up and solve at least one puzzle every day. The longer your streak, the bigger the rewards will become. After 3 days you get a Pawn of Water, but after 6 days the reward becomes a Knight of Fire. Three days later a Bishop of Storm, and on the 15th day a Rook of Earth. The ultimate reward after a 30-day streak would be a Queen of Time. 


Another one of the Anichess innovations combines chess with magic. The Mastery mission tracks your overall puzzle-solving expertise, and solving a number of puzzles unlocks mastery rewards. You receive these after completing 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50 puzzles. 


Slightly more challenging, is the Precision mission. Here you need to solve puzzles at the first try without using any hints. Again, you receive rewards after 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 perfect puzzles.

Gambit and the Orbs of Power

As mentioned, players can win Orbs of Power by solving the puzzles and completing the missions mentioned above. In Anichess you can then lock those magic orbs to access bigger challenges and rewards. You will need to lock (stake) your Orbs of Power in the Gambit, which makes the orbs untradeable. 

When you have locked away 3 Orbs of Power (the Pawn of Water, the Knight of Fire, and the Bishop of Storm), and completed the three daily puzzles, you unlock the Bonus Puzzle. 

Buy Orbs of Power

Anichess NFT listings on OpenSea

Players who want to get a boost in Anichess, can check the secondary market to purchase Orbs of Power. The Pawn of Water, the cheapest of the bunch, sells for just $0.01 in USDC. However, the Queen of Time costs 14.9 MATIC, a little bit more than $10. The most expensive Orb of Power on the market would be the King of Aether, which costs 70 MATIC or approximately $60.

How to play Anichess?

  1. Go to the DappRadar project page of Anichess, and click “Open dapp”. 
  2. Press “Play now” on the official Anichess website
  3. Login with Facebook, Google, Discord or X. Or connect your wallet, with support for MetaMask or WalletConnect. 
  4. As a welcome gift you will receive Orb of Water, which you need to confirm with a gas-free signature.
  5. You’re now ready to start the game.

Play for Anichess for free

You don’t need to purchase NFTs and buy anything to enjoy Anichess. The chess game is free of charge, and allows anybody to play the classic game of chess with a drop of magic.

Connect your Moca ID

Anichess is  kickstarting its game with a partnership with Mocaverse – the membership NFT collection for Animoca Brands’ extraordinary family of companies, projects, investments, shareholders, and partners. Mocaverse is the membership NFT collection for Animoca Brands’ extraordinary family of companies, projects, investments, shareholders, and partners. All Anichess players can claim their free Moca ID , participate in Mocaverse Missions and  earn Realm Points, which provide benefits across the wider Animoca Brands ecosystem.

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