What is AlterVerse? All About The Game Creation Ecosystem

What is AlterVerse_ All About The Game Creation Ecosystem

The ecosystem aims to surpass any metaverse in Web3 with AAA graphics on user-generated games by 2025

AlterVerse is creating a gaming ecosystem metaverse powered by Unreal Engine 5 that aims to revolutionize the web3 gaming industry. Learn more about this project backed by Binance Labs and Polygon Ventures, and how to join early beta playtests of its flagship game Sky City.


What is AlterVerse?

AlterVerse is an interconnected metaverse and AAA-quality game creation platform launching its three flagship games in 2023. The ambitious multi-chain project aims to offer a wide variety of games and game modes, using Unreal Engine 5 graphics across different game worlds. 

Gamers will get to create their own unique experiences and earn digital and physical rewards from playing. Brands will be able to benefit from AlterVerse’s broad audience and sell NFTs and physical goods in-game. AlterVerse’s gaming economy will be complex and revolve around the ACE token, governed by the AlterVerse DAO.

While the full version of the AlterVerse we’re idealizing is only coming live in 2025, the game is in development. Moreover, players will get a taste of it in its first three games and the ACE token in 2023. In July 2023 the team will launch a closed beta test for Sky City, the first and central game within the AlterVerse ecosystem.

What is special about AlterVerse?

AlterVerse isn’t a game per se, but a metaverse where players can build their own gaming experiences or play the creations made by their friends. While this isn’t exactly new to the gaming industry, AlterVerse adds innovative features that set it apart from Minecraft and Roblox, and even Web3 options like Decentraland and The Sandbox. This includes for example: 

  • Realistic graphics powered by UE5
  • AI integration
  • Decentralized servers
  • Blockchain-powered in-game items and currency
  • Interoperable assets between the games
  • Game templates

Does AlterVerse use AI?

Yes, AlterVerse uses artificial intelligence to, for example, give its non-player characters the ability to have real conversations. This has become one of the most unique features of AlterVerse, thanks to the GPT integration of conversational AI into its core infrastructure.

AlterVerse Conversational AI NPCs
Powered by Convai, the artificial intelligence (AI) NPCs are live and playable in its flagship game, Sky City

AlterVerse games, whether created by the team or gamers, will include interactive non-player characters (NPCs) with limitless conversational content.

Say, for example, you create an RPG within AlterVerse with its own lore and want some NPCs to guide players through the world. You could place NPCs with a whole narrative that might either assist or disturb heroes on their quests – so gamers might need to ask the right questions to get the right answers. This expands possibilities for creators to come up with deep games and enhances gamers’ experience.

What are the AlterVerse flagship games?

Learn more about the first game worlds to play in and the templates you’ll get to experience.

Sky City

Designed to be the capital of the AlterVerse ecosystem, Sky City is currently in a closed beta test and is the most advanced game in development. The futuristic city among the clouds allows creators to build various types of games – starting with the 20 game modes it will already have ready to play once it’s fully launched. Players will experience racing, combat, building, hunting, and much more in Sky City.

Sky City is the first look players get into AlterVerse, so having such a wide offer of games explains the metaverse strategy. AAA graphics are one of AlterVerse’s main features, and Sky City’s beautiful landscapes help it impress first-time visitors. The AI-powered characters that populate the virtual city will make conversations feel more natural than in any other game.


Another futuristic-looking gaming world coming live in 2023, Outpost is the next game in line. It will introduce the third and first-person shooter modes to the metaverse.

OutPost game by AlterVerse
Outpost is the rebranded Unreal Engine version of Alterverse: Disruption

Outpost was designed for the Esports market and will speak directly to Star Wars and Space Invaders fans.


The last game template launching in 2023 is an MMORPG called REKT. In this world, players will need to survive on a post-apocalyptic planet in extremely dangerous conditions.

REKT game by AlterVerse
REKT is the third AlterVerse game planned to launch in 2023

REKT will also allow you to create your own game quests for people to play in this world.

The gaming worlds and modes in AlterVerse

AlterVerse wants to provide players with endless quality gaming opportunities. You will be able to create your own games on whatever world you decide, with whatever game mode you feel like. Take a look at what’s coming below.

AlterVerse game worlds

Besides the game worlds already introduced with the flagship games Sky City, Outpost and REKT, there are nine other upcoming worlds to the AlterVerse ecosystem. In 2025, players will get to build and play on the following templates:

  • Viken: a Viking age-inspired open world.
  • Sparta: a world to explore and perhaps join the Spartan battles.
  • Caerule: so you can enter the Pirates in the Caribbean aesthetics.
  • Illura: a fantastic medieval world of magic. 
  • Maya: experience the heyday of the Mayan empire.
  • The Bog: join the troll swamps.
  • Pangea: a journey to the Age of Dinosaurs.
  • Mythriel: a fantasy world inspired by the Lord of the Rings.
  • Sudarak: a safari world to discover.

As you can see, there’s plenty of variety for gamers to have fun and never have to leave AlterVerse.

AlterVerse game modes

The AlterVerse team is dedicated to creating all types of games for players in this multiverse. That includes first-person shooter, mining, crafting, exploring, gathering, racing, battle royale, MMORPG, hunting, building, team survival, death matches, and so on.

How can players create their own games?

In 2024 players will be able to start creating their own games in AlterVerse worlds on the Game Creation Platform. You will not have to worry about knowing how to code to build your game, because the developers are creating a user-friendly editor.

All games will leverage Unreal Engine 5 and allow you to integrate cross-world and cross-game NFTs, use the ACE token, and include custom AI NPCs, all in a decentralized game server.

How to play and earn in AlterVerse?

At the moment, AlterVerse’s three flagship games are still under development. However, you can join Sky City’s four-day play sessions that take place every two weeks. Joining these early gameplay sessions allows you to explore Sky City, win rare NFTs, join events and help build the game.

The game is free-to-play, so to get started you just need to download the game launcher on a PC (Windows 10 and 50GB HD space required).

If you want to know more about opportunities to try out the game as soon as possible, we recommend joining AlterVerse’s Discord server and being an active member of the community.

The ACE token

Launching in 2023, ACE is the governance and utility token of the AlterVerse ecosystem. Players can use it to vote on DAO proposals, but also to purchase NFTs in the in-game shops or secondary marketplaces. In addition, gamers can use ACE to pay for transaction fees on the platform or stake it for rewards.

AlterVerse ACE token
ACE tokens will be used in all AlterVerse worlds

Moreover, gamers will also earn ACE tokens from playing and winning challenges and from being active community members.

AlterVerse NFTs

The AlterVerse multiverse will have its assets playable across game worlds. This means extra utility for each NFT you own. Moreover, depending on what you choose to play, you’ll gain extra rewards from certain NFTs.

AlterVerse NFTs
AlterVerse NFTs will be used in multiple games and worlds

NFTs in AlterVerse will include clothing, gear, vehicles, weaponry and land plots, and be powered by Enjin & AlturaNFT.

Creators and brands from all over the world can sell their NFTs in the ecosystem’s central hub, Sky City, but also link them to digital assets. Meaning players can earn real-world rewards through phygital NFTs in AlterVerse’s games.

What blockchain does AlterVerse use?

As of writing, AlterVerse has yet to announce precisely which blockchains it will use for its games. It is known, however, that the platform will have an NFT marketplace integrated with multiple blockchains. Polygon and BNB Chain are among the most likely, as the gaming ecosystem is backed by both chains. We will update this article as soon as we have more information. Keep an eye on the official AlterVerse channels for the scoop straight from the source.

What is AlterVerse: Disruption?

Now you may have played a game called AlterVerse before, more specifically AlterVerse: Disruption. It’s actually the original version of AlterVerse launched on Steam in 2020. AlterVerse: Disruption is actually the old name of Outpost, utilizing another game engine. It had already raised the flags of integrated worlds and games in a tokenized metaverse.

Where to download AlterVerse?

Right now, you can download the AlterVerse game launcher only on PC through their official website or games platform Steam. AlterVerse games aren’t fully launched yet, but you can join early beta play tests of Sky City every two weeks. Outpost and REKT are likely to open for tests in 2023 as well.

Who is on the AlterVerse team?

The AlterVerse team is headquartered in Minnesota, United States, and is led by CEO Scot Kinney. The team of game developers, designers, and executives have previously worked on games such as  Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, The Witcher, God of War, and Overwatch.

The AlterVerse gaming ecosystem is valued at $40 million. It completed the Binance Labs Incubator Program in 2022 and is funded by several big names in the industry, such as Binance and Polygon Ventures.

AlterVerse is making waves in the blockchain gaming space and DappRadar will watch closely how it evolves. Make sure to check out DappRadar’s Top Games Ranking to keep up with the market.

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