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Doodles NFT Complete Guide
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Learn all about the blue-chip project bringing originality and colors to the NFT space

With a promising debut in October 2021, the NFT collection Doodles has established itself among the most beloved in space. But what uses do these collectibles offer beyond the hype? How do you buy a Doodle and join the exclusive community? Follow this guide to the end and stay up to date on what Doodles NFTs are and how they’re changing Web3.

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What are Doodles NFTs?

Doodles is one of the most famous and valuable NFT collections in 2022. There are 10.000 unique NFTs with different traits and rarity randomly generated, all with creative and colorful art behind them.

Doodles NFTs are some of the most popular in the space

Ever since its launch until the time of writing, Doodles had reached a total volume of $482,8 million. The average price of each sale of the NFTs in the collection was $14,320, according to statistics available on DappRadar.

In addition to the fact that the NFTs are one of the most beautiful to be released this year, the entire project was very well done from the beginning. With a strong team and great branding, Doodles conquered the position of blue-chip NFT collection.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens like Doodles are digital assets that are issued on a blockchain and that have unique identifiers. This means that this smart contract can represent unique photos, videos, songs, and so on. Each NFT is unique, and its ownership is forever registered in the blockchain so that no one can question its authenticity.

NFTs generated $12 billion in trades during the first quarter of 2022, according to the DappRadar report. Thousands of people have ventured into the world of Web3 and crypto thanks to these popular collections of NFTs, and the projects’ roadmaps have only just begun.

Who created Doodles?

Doodles was created by three experienced entrepreneurs of the Web3 space: Scott Martin, aka Burnt Toast, the artist behind the illustrations is Scott Martin; Jordan Castro, known in the community as Poopie, blockchain builder in activity in 2013; and Evan Keast, or Tulip, NFT consultant and marketer that had also worked with CryptoKitties.

What makes Doodles NFTs special?

One of the most obvious reasons for the popularity of Doodles is their creative, original, and colorful design. The team behind the project made sure to offer a wide variety of illustrations for each token so that each one is unique.

In addition, Doodles has a very active community on social media. There are constantly new updates and features being developed, and the team is always available to answer any questions.

The team’s transparency and professionalism are undoubtedly a differential that added to the quality of the art in the collection. What makes any NFT special, however, will depend on the owner’s point of view.

What can I do with my Doodles NFT?

Finding out the utility of an NFT is essential to anyone looking for an opportunity, however, many people often forget about it and just dive into collectibles for the hype.

In this case, though, ever since the beginning, the Doodles team pointed out their roadmap and how they wanted to grow from PFP NFTs to a larger project in the Web3.

Right now, Doodles, as you know, are considered a blue-chip investment in the NFT space. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is a risk-free opportunity, but it is considered stable and promising among other NFTs. Therefore, many people use Doodles as a store of value.

Furthermore, Doodles is also a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which means its community gets to decide the project’s next steps. If you own one NFT, you are entitled to one vote.

But if none of that interests you, and you don’t think it’s worth using these NFTs as profile pictures, you can also sell them on the best NFT markets out there for well above average prices.

What makes Doodles so successful?

At the time of writing, the NFT Doodles had generated around $500 million in secondary trading volume. Although it remains among the NFT collections with the highest total sales volume, like everything else in this space, the value is subject to volatility.

In January, the floor price surpassed 9 ETH, around $3,800 at the time. On the other hand, in August of the same year, the floor price was around 6,7 ETH. Not too worrisome given the general state of the decentralized application market.

The main reasons behind this success can be linked to the team of strong names, good branding and marketing, partnerships and celebrity endorsements, and the timing in which the collection was launched.

Leading NFT influencers have joined the Doodles community and publicly announced their support for the project. Pranksy, a famous digital asset collector, made an all-time high record for the project by purchasing Doodle #6914 for $1.12 million in early 2022. Furthermore, as the cryptocurrency market has plummeted, these NFTs have managed to better hold their values – although they still fell.

Check out other celebrities in the Doodles community and their wallets below.

How can I get a Doodle NFT?

If you have read this far and are interested in purchasing your own Doodles, here we will explain how to do it.

First, you need to ensure that you have enough funds to make the transaction and pay the Ethereum network’s gas fees. Use DappRadar Token Swap to view the exchange of ETH to your currency.

Next, get yourself a crypto wallet like MetaMask. After carefully following the steps to create your address and having purchased ETH tokens, you can buy your own Doodles NFT.

The collectibles are for sale at only three of the best NFT marketplaces, OpenSea, Nifty Getaway, and LooksRare. Once you have chosen the platform, you can then browse the listings and complete the purchase when you have decided. It is worth remembering to pay close attention and be careful with the authenticity of the page you are on to avoid falling into scams.

How to choose your Doodle NFT?

As you know, Doodles collectibles are unique and have features that set them apart from all the other 9,999. Among the metadata of these NFTs are the Face, Hair, Body, Background, and Head traits. Also, they can be of many different types of characters such as Cats, Aliens, Pickle, Apes, or simply ordinary people – as simple as it can get with this collection.

Explore the Doodles NFT Collection on DappRadar

Therefore, before you buy the first NFT you find cute (they are all cute), you should know well its properties and value.

By using the DappRadar Collections Explorer, you can filter Doodles by traits and sort them by price. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can also check out Celebrities’ NFT portfolios to see what they’ve invested.

What’s next for Doodles NFTs?

The project is not even a year old, and a comprehensive roadmap has already been drawn up. Despite starting out as an NFT collection, the Doodles project has always had an eye on expanding its collectibles and beyond.

Learn more about upcoming Doodles projects below.

Space Doodles

A sort of expansion pack of the original collection, the Space Doodles were released in February 2022. Each of the NFTs in the Doodles collection could be made capable of going to space (or the moon) through Space Doodles. Visually, they were nothing more than animations of the NFTs being transported to the stratosphere, but they kicked off the Doodles’ expansion journey.

Doodles 2

A much bigger and consequently much more awaited novelty in the entire NFT space will come to enable the growth of the Doodles community.

The project’s second collection of NFTs will be Doodles 2, due for release this summer 2022.

The announcement of the collection came with the so-called Dooplicator, a machine that would be able to reproduce the NFTs of the original collection, giving space for more members to join the community.

During the NFT NYC in June 2022, the creators announced that Doodles 2 will not, unlike the initial set, be based on Ethereum.

Although the project has not yet released further details of the collection, an auction for Genesis Boxes was held at the end of June – containing a rare assortment of apparel and accessories for the NFTs of the new collection.

There will be another 10,000 NFTs on an as-yet-unannounced blockchain with more different traits to make them unique.

The future of Web3

From the beginning, the Doodles team claimed to have big plans. The project aims to become a leading entertainment company on the Web3. Music and video production, animation, games, and live events are on the go.

For this, Doodles has already announced a partnership with the e-commerce giant Shopify; and appointed musician Pharrell Williams as Chief Brand Officer.

How can I track the Doodles NFT collection?

Interested in following the Doodles NFTs updates closely? Then you have to check the DappRadar NFT tools.

  • Starting with the NFT Collections Explorer, where you get to dive into each of the best collections on Ethereum and even see their strength;
  • Followed by the NFT Value Estimator, so you can estimate the current price of a Doodle with a machine-learning algorithm;
  • Ending with the essential NFTs Overview to access rankings and top real-time sales.
Track Doodles NFTs with the DappRadar NFT Collection Explorer
Track Doodles with the DappRadar NFT Collection Explorer

And, of course, you can and should keep learning about NFTs with DappRadar. Until news about Doodles 2 shows up, we’ll keep you updated on all the Doodles details here on the DappRadar blog.

You can also follow our Twitter account and YouTube channel for some awesome and updated content about the trends in the NFT space.

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