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The new DappRadar NFT Collection Explorer makes finding, analyzing, and purchasing NFTs simple. From a central hub, DappRadar users can now explore upcoming and available NFTs using the most accurate market data, and take action. 

Here at DappRadar, we’re always looking to the future. We’re searching for the best way to bring value to our community by building tools that will help you on your Web3 journey. With this in mind, we’re excited to introduce our new NFT Collection Explorer

The DappRadar NFT Collection Explorer price estimates are powered by a machine learning algorithm that looks at metadata of past sales to determine the value of your most precious assets. Please drop all feedback and comments into our official Discord channel. We hope you enjoy our new product, read more about NFT Collection Explorer.

Highlights of the NFT Collection Explorer

  • Explore NFT collections on Ethereum (more chains coming soon)
  • Find and prepare for upcoming NFT drops and special edition mints
  • Analyze NFT market activity using industry-standard metrics 
  • Dive into individual NFT collections using accurate market data and metadata filters
  • Track activity and follow the smart money using the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker  

Explore available and upcoming NFT collections on ETH 

The best way to get ahead of the game is to know about a new NFT project before it drops. So we’ve developed an Upcoming Collections tab where you can discover the latest projects about to drop. Here, you’ll see Mint Date, Mint Price, and how many items are in the collection. 

  • Search through thousands of collections, find NFTs, and take action
  • Prepare for drops and analyze early market data to find the next NFT unicorn

Explore NFT Rankings 

Knowing how many people are buying or selling NFTs is a great indicator of how it’s performing and if it’s a good investment. 

  • See market activity ranked by collections 
  • Analyze individual NFTs and top sales
  • Filter by 24 hours, 7 days, 30 day and all-time

Explore Individual NFT collections 

Dedicated page for each NFT collection showing key 24-hour data such as the floor price, average price, trading volume, and sales volume of an NFT collection. 

Explore NFTs by Metadata

Not all NFTs are created equal. Even within one collection, the individual NFTs differ from each other in what characteristics they have. These can be variations in hair, piercings, animal species, eye color or even whether or not an ape has a cigarette in its mouth. A collection’s metadata defines these characteristics and our metadata filter enables users to refine their searches. Find the rarest NFTs for the best value, with one tool. 

  • Find the perfect NFT in the collection using metadata filters 

Explore NFT buyer and seller wallets 

See recent sales in dollar and ETH values and dive further into the wallets of buyers and sellers using the DappRadar Portfolio Manager. Learn the trading habits and NFT trading preferences of whale and influencer investors to follow the smart money.

The new DappRadar NFT Collection Explorer compliments already existing tools on DappRadar and is yet another way to help users analyze, navigate and take action in one of the most complex markets. For now, the explorer tracks all Ethereum NFT collections, with more chains added shortly, so soon, whether you’re a fan of OG Ethereum NFTs or up and comers on Solana, DappRadar will have you covered. 

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