Weekly Wallet Analytics: SmallBrownDoge

DappRadar’s Portfolio Tracker in action

If you want to check what tokens and NFTs are contained in any Ethereum wallet – yours or someone else’s – all you need to do is head to DappRadar’s Portfolio Tracker and input the account’s public key. 

In this episode of Weekly Wallet Analytics, we’re taking a look at the SmallBrownDoge wallet, which has just acquired the most expensive Axie NFTs ever sold from the game Axie Infinity, buying two triple mystic Axie NFTs, each for 200 ETH (over $80,000)

Previously the highest amount spent buying an Axie was the 150 ETH crypto investment outfit Delphi Digital spent acquiring two four-part (or quad) mystic Axies in late September 2020.

Each Axie consists of six body parts, and mystic parts are the most rare. There can only be a maximum of 1,453 mystic Axies , making them the most sought after NFTs in the game.

But as well as 39 Axies, the SmallBrownDoge wallet contains plenty of other NFTs, including 256 land NFTs from League of Kingdoms, 30 Avastars, plus 93 land parcels from The Sandbox, which in total are worth well over $400,000.  

You can also check out other examples in our Wallet of the Week series, including the Nifty Report wallet.

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