Weekly Wallet Analytics: Memepool


DappRadar’s Portfolio Tracker in action

If you want to check what tokens and NFTs are contained in any Ethereum wallet – yours or someone else’s – all you need to do is head to DappRadar’s Portfolio Tracker and input the account’s public key. 

In this episode of Weekly Wallet Analytics, we’re taking a look at the Memepool wallet, a small account that’s just kicked off creating and buying meme NFTs on the Rarible NFT marketplace. 

Using the Portfolio Tracker, we can see both the NFTs that have been created and the NFTs bought. Of course, we can also see the tokens in the wallet and what dapps the account has interacted with, but given this is a new Ethereum account which hasn’t generated much activity, the main focus is on the NFT. 

You can check out other examples in our Weekly Wallet Analytics series, including the Nifty Report wallet.

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