WAX Wrapped 2022: The Home of Games for Millions

WAX Wrapped 2022- The Home of Games for Millions
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A look at WAX’s impressive achievements in 2022

WAX has achieved a remarkable year as the blockchain ecosystem is home to one of the most active gaming communities on the market, attracting more than 2 million Unique Active Wallets and 100 million transactions per day. It’s not without reason that more than 100 Web3 games have chosen Wax to build their project on. 

As 2022 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on what has happened in Web3 this year. Needless to say, the Web3 world has experienced a year filled with ups and downs. A gloomy macroeconomic environment tightened regulation, and negative industry events hit market stakeholders‘ confidence hard during the year. 

But on the other hand, the industry’s development and innovation continued, keeping Web3’s evolution on track. In this article we take a look at WAX, one of the eyecatchers among the many blockchains tracked by DappRadar. 


  • Wax by the numbers
  • Outstanding gaming projects on WAX
    • Game of the year – Blockchain Brawlers
    • The NFT game to watch out for – Music Mogul
  • Noteworthy NFT projects and partnerships
  • Increased network connectivity and accessibility
  • What Does the Future Hold for WAX?

Wax by the numbers

Wax is hailed as the most proven Web3 ecosystem for games and NFTs. We can find solid evidence of this with industry data from DappRadar.

As seen in the chart below, the user activity on the Wax blockchain is unrivaled. Over the past year, WAX has far outpaced its competitors in terms of the number of transactions, and its average daily transactions over the past four weeks reached around 142 million. This figure is up from an average of 132 million per day during the year’s first month.

The number of users on the WAX blockchain is just as impressive compared to transactions, with over 2 million Unique Active Wallets (UAW) interacting with the blockchain every day. In terms of UAW WAX has found a rival in BNB Smart Chain (BSC), as the two took turns being the blockchain network with the most daily active users for the year.

Outstanding gaming projects on WAX

Games are undoubtedly the most visible segment in the WAX ecosystem. Currently, 140 games are available on DappRadar to check their real-time performance. First, let’s look at some of the most sought-after titles on the blockchain.

  • Alien Worlds — Number one game on WAX with monthly UAW of over 600,000. Users can collect NFTs, stake Trillium tokens and embark on P2E adventures.
  • FGL — RFOX, a mobile game management platform with 15 years of experience, launched the FGL token on Wax. It created a brand new experience for all FGL games.
  • Taco — It is a gaming project utility tool that allows users to make transactions, swap tokens, manage their NFTs, and interact with the most popular dapps.
  • Acryptia — An NFT-powered dungeon card/adventure game. Users must make their way through the levels, climb the tower and earn real rewards.
  • Shnazzy E-GirlsE-Girls is a 10K PFP project aiming to onboard gaming and streaming communities on WAX.
  • Clash Dome — This gaming platform allows you to play arcade games and compete head-to-head with other players to earn real rewards. Get started today.
  • Critter Craft — This dangerously cute game is sure to be a crowd favorite. Collect and craft adorable NFTs, play with Stickers and climb the leaderboards.
  • R-Planet — Players must build their base, mine resources, train robot armies, and more in R-Planet. If you are confident about becoming a military strategist, click here.
  • Immersys — Enter the Immersys MMO metaverse and experience Web3 like never before. Spawn NFTs, wear NFTs and stake them to earn FATAE tokens as rewards.
  • KOGs — Keys to Other Games is the key to the RFOX gaming ecosystem. KOGs are NFTs that players can use to enhance their gaming experience, such as cosmetic items, entering tournaments, and gaining access to VIP events. Get the latest and start playing today.

Game of the year – Blockchain Brawlers

Blockchain Brawlers is a player-to-earn game that landed on the WAX blockchain this year. This game has made its way to the industry’s top with its interesting figures and unique wrestling elements. The game was designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering.

Over the past 12 months, Blockchain Brawlers has released several Pack series, bringing NFT sales on WAX from one height to another. Notably, its in-game NFT single-day sales approached $700,000 in April. In terms of gameplay, the game has also evolved from a PvE mode to a more exciting PvP one.

Still need some NFTs to get in the game? You can get a Starter Pack from OpenSea, which has everything you need to throw down your opponents. 

The NFT game to watch out for – Music Mogul

Music Mogul is a tycoon game for music fans. The innovative game by Tyranno Studios invites players to create their NFT-powered record label across every musical genre. Players can build out a roster of burgeoning artists, send them on tour, and set them up in recording rooms to climb the charts and make history.

The game has already seen one successful pack sale and will be gearing up for more shortly before the game goes live. Want a sneak peek? Check out some screenshots, and get ready to steal the spotlight here.

Noteworthy NFT Collections

More than 300 million NFTs have been created on the WAX blockchain. These get used in various industries such as gaming, art, entertainment, and music. Additionally, many renowned brands have leveraged Wax NFTs as their debut into Web3. To explore the NFTs on Wax, users can visit vRIL Market, which also empowers NFT creators and game developers to mint and launch NFT collections and in-game items in minutes.

Most importantly, every dollar spent on Wax NFTs represents trees to be planted by the National Forest Foundation to offset carbon emissions and keep the planet healthy. 

  • I Own AMC — AMC Theatres offered free NFTs to its Investor Connect shareholders. This gorgeous and luxurious NFT will never be minted again, making it special to all who own it.
  • WAX 10 Million Wallets NFT Drop — In January, to celebrate the record of having 10 million wallets created on the blockchain, WAX airdropped 10 million NFTs to its users. 
  • Street Fighter Classic — The legendary game partnered with WAX to release a collection of 121 unique cards. Collecting all cards in one of any rarity gave users a chance at winning additional bonus packs.
  • WAX vBots — vBots are 10,000 unique 1-of-1 NFTs to be given away for free via events, giveaways, collaborations, gameplay, and more. 
  • Sci-Fi Anthology — “Thought Machine” by Edward Morgan Forster made its way to WAX on February 23 as a 1-of-1 auction. This art piece is not only a vIRL technology back NFT but also can be redeemed for a physical museum copy.
  • Sony Electronics — To celebrate the launch of Sony’s LinkBuds on March 22, Sony and artist J. Demsky teamed up with WAX to give away 260 NFT packs in an instant-win contest. 
  • Mattel Hot Wheels Garage Series 2 & 3 – These series are extensions of the classic Hot Wheels toy car collection, but on the blockchain. As a collector, you also have the chance to win and redeem physical die-cast models for your shelf at home.

Increased network connectivity and accessibility

Without a seamless user experience, Web3 applications will not see mass adoption. In this regard, WAX has been making efforts to create a better-connected and more user-friendly blockchain.

  • In June, WAX rolled out a new update with the Cloud Wallet Resource Boost Model, alleviating the need to purchase and stake resources before using dapps.
  • To bring a unique DeFi experience to the entire web3 ecosystem, June 29 brought an improved design of the WAX DeFi Site with its own domain.
  • WAX account creation flow update on Sep 28 enabled users to fund Cloud Wallet accounts directly with Moonpay via a separate credit card payment flow.
  • WAX x Binance Smart Chain Bridge made an essential step toward making the ecosystem more accessible and compatible. Users can now transfer any Blockchain Brawlers NFTs between WAX and BSC via this bridge.
  • ETH x WAX Bridge was forged to facilitate the easy transfer and exchange of WAXP tokens between the two ecosystems.
  • September brought another powerful tool for users, the WAX Block Explorer. It lets users gain data-driven insights into the WAX blockchain quickly and effortlessly.
  • On November 14, the much anticipated WAX.io was launched to provide users with easier site navigation. Now, you can browse NFT collections, games, stats, and more to better understand the dynamic WAX ecosystem.
  • This past year, Wax joined alongside the EOS Network Foundation to utilize and improve some of the best Web3 blockchain technology, for example, Antelope. The community-led release of this tech is essential for WAX to flourish in new ways, especially scalability and network efficiency.

What Does the Future Hold for WAX?

There is no doubt that 2022 has been a fruitful year for WAX. Continuing to polish the technology to bring a robust network to the NFT, gaming, and entertainment industries is WAX’s top priority.

Beyond that, WAX will unleash even more potential in 2023. Outstanding projects such as Blockchain Brawlers and Music Mogul will have many moments of greatness to claim. So fasten your seat belts and join WAX on a fun new adventure!

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