WAX Turns NFT Collecting into Real Tree Planting

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Crafting a vIRL NFT on WAX will grant collectors a special bonus NFT

WAX helps to plant real trees to offset the carbon emissions generated by blockchain usage, thus making NFT collecting more eco-friendly. In order to realize the mass adoption of blockchain as soon as possible, WAX has made building a carbon-neutral blockchain ecosystem one of its top priorities.


  • Proof of work still plays a vital role in the cryptocurrency industry today, yet its non-green nature has also brought up a lot of debates.
  • WAX is a game-centric public chain that promotes eco-friendly blockchain through various endeavors.
  • Partnered with National Forest Foundation, WAX helps NFT collectors plant trees with its Carbon Offset vIRL NFTs, a collection created by the brilliant artist Krel.

One of the primary criticisms against cryptocurrency is that it is energy-intensive and does harm to our environment. According to Digiconomist, a transaction on Ethereum requires 77.07kWh, the amount of energy equivalent to 2 households’ daily use. With decentralized applications (dapps) gaining traction, it also underscores the urgency of maintaining environmental sustainability in pursuit of blockchain technology.

Blockchain development and environmental sustainability should not be in conflict. On the contrary, those next-gen blockchains that adopt the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism implement a greener solution. As a result, people can foresee a future with a carbon-neutral Web3. Among all the PoS chains, WAX is a game-changer that drives the narrative towards eco-friendly blockchain development through its various endeavors and practices.

Craft Carbon Offset NFTs on WAX to plant real trees

In 2021, WAX released a series of carbon offset NFTs, the vIRL NFTs, to fulfill its carbon-neutral plan. So how can the vIRL NFTs offset collectors’ carbon footprint during their NFT experience? WAX promises to plant tree saplings when the vIRL NFT holder redeems (composts) the NFT for its physical item. A tree sapling will be planted for every $1 that collector composts.

It is worth mentioning that the stunning visual of this collection was created by the talented artist Kevin Crelerot, also known as Krel. His work is symbolic and meaningful. Thanks to Kerl, the vIRL NFT collection immediately catches collectors’ eyes with surreal, emotional, and poetic elements.

Earth Day 2022 is approaching this week, and WAX wants to bring more awareness to the crucial situation of our Mother Earth. This time, the Carbon Offset vIRLs will surprise their collectors with something special, a magical moment that gives birth to a new NFT. 

How does it work? 

When vIRL holders craft the NFT, it will trigger a blockchain transaction that leads to the minting of a unique new NFT collectible with six rarities. More importantly, let’s not forget that the transaction will also notify the National Forest Foundation to plant a fresh tree sapling that will live for decades to come.

WAX’s green milestones

The WAX blockchain is thriving with popular dapps. As the chart below shows, WAX’s dapps account for three of the top five spots on the 30-day ranking board among the many blockchains tracked by DappRadar. Most notably, WAX’s achievements don’t come at the expense of our environment. 

According to ClimateCare.org, WAX had already offset 211 tonnes of CO2 earlier last year. Its energy consumption on the blockchain remains extraordinarily low, with 0.000223 terawatts per year. When put into perspective, this amount of electricity has a carbon footprint of about 111 tonnes of CO2 per year. This equals the amount produced by 5.5 individual Americans per year.

Final Thoughts

WAX envisions becoming the most competitive carbon-neutral platform in the blockchain industry and commits itself to it. After years of development, WAX has established its reputation in blockchain gaming. To get users involved in the big plan of a carbon-neutral blockchain, WAX does not hesitate to adopt a gamification approach.

Collectors can get a special NFT by purchasing an original vIRL NFT and crafting it. This will also add another sapling to our planet. How wonderful is this! Thanks to WAX, NFT enthusiasts can now turn their passion into a good deed for the environment. So head over to the WAX Carbon Offset Shop and become an eco-friendly NFT collector today.



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