Wax Community Composting NFTs to Rebuild Forests


Innovative use of new vIRL NFT technology on Wax

On August 17th, Wax will launch their so-called Carbon Offset vIRL NFTs, and for every $1 spent on these special NFTs, one tree sapling will be planted. Users can acquire different card packs of NFTs with a starting price of $19,99, and then burn those NFTs to get those trees planted.

The initiative fits with Wax’s ambition to be energy efficient and they want to inspire their community to act and support as well. Users can buy and collect NFTs, but these NFT collectors can then decide to burn the NFTs in order to redeem them and allow tree saplings to be planted. These saplings offset tons of carbon dioxide during their lifetime.  

Wax has introduced a new NFT mechanic that allows NFTs to have a direct connection to our physical world. Users who own such a vIRL NFT can redeem it for something in the physical world. Sometimes redemption of these NFTs can only be done during a certain time period. For example, imagine NFTs can give people access to an event. 

In this case, every vIRL NFT card is assigned a dollar value, which reflects the number of trees to be planted when it’s redeemed. When a $5 NFT gets redeemed, five trees will be planted. After it’s redeemed, the card ceases to exist. 

Let’s talk about the cards

Those that are passionate about the environment have the opportunity to not only collect these NFTs but also have an opportunity to offset and improve the environment. For every dollar composted WAX will plant one tree sapling. This would support the National Forest Foundation and its own collection. 

The NFT collection will feature 4 different packs, including 5 tree designs in 6 different rarities. This means collectors can find 30 different collectible NFTs, and purchasing the packs will help them build forests in collaboration with the National Forest Foundation. 

These are the packs

  • Get Planting ($19.99) – Five $1 cards and three $5 cards
  • Go Greener ($49.99) – Five $1 cards, five $5 cards, and two $10 cards
  • Think Big ($149.99) – One $50 card and one $100 card
  • Save the Planet ($199.99) – Ten $1 cards, four $5 cards, two $10 cards, one $50 card, and one $100 card

The Carbon Offset vIRL NFT collection will launch this August on the Wax blockchain. 

What’s hot and happening on Wax

Wax is the self-proclaimed King of NFTs. The blockchain platform prides itself on easy on-boarding mechanics for new users, fast transactions, and no need to pay gas fees. On the blockchain, there’s a variety of NFT collections from famous brands. For example, the Topps Major League Baseball cards are popular, as well as Garbage Pail Kids and Blockchain Heroes. 

This year blockchain-powered games that rely heavily on NFTs, have made their appearance on the scene. R-Planet and Alien Worlds are the biggest examples of successful games on the Wax blockchain. However, with Dark Country and HodlGod more big names are moving onto the platform.

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