Wax Token Price Gets Boost as Blockchain Brawlers Finds Success

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WAX is one of the most dynamic eco-friendly blockchains for games and dapps

Blockchain Brawlers will make its grand debut on the WAX blockchain, and the news coupled with its recent Hot Wheels Series 2 release announcement, boosted the WAX token’s price. The ever-growing blockchain ecosystem of WAX makes it the first choice for many users and developers. Blockchain Brawlers, a highly anticipated wrestling-themed play-to-earn game, takes WAX’s popularity to new heights.

The crypto market has witnessed a robust rally over the past week, with BTC back up to $47,000 and ETH recapturing $3,400. Following a similar growth curve, the gaming blockchain WAX’s native token (WAX) recorded a 13% increase in 30 days at writing. The powerful reversals have led to different opinions, from foreseeing a bull market in full swing to regarding it as just a relief rebound before the continued bear market.

However, only time will tell which side of the believers is right. And also, it is of minimal significance to our understanding by just looking at the trend line to make token price predictions. More importantly, user behaviors always vary from sector to sector. In the case of gaming, let’s take a closer look at WAX dapps’ recent performance to understand better what factors have contributed to the current uptrend. 

Blockchain Brawlers adds to WAX’s boom

Blockchain Brawlers is a much-anticipated wrestling-themed game on the WAX blockchain. Unlike the intense and brutal matches such as UFC, Blockchain Brawlers brings hilarious elements to the blockchain version of such games and joy to the player. Exciting, entertaining, and with a funky design, Blockchain Brawlers will make its debut on the WAX ecosystem on March 30th. Get your Rings and Brawlers ready if you want to join the ragtag brigade of high-flying, iconic wrestlers!

blockchain brawlers

WAX dapps performed well

WAX is the go-to eco-friendly blockchain for any dapps, especially NFTs and video games. The WAX blockchain has empowered some of the most played NFT games, providing an ecosystem for renowned partners such as AMC Theaters, Funko, and Atari.

WAX provides everything a brand needs to launch a successful NFT-powered dapp. Currently, the ecosystem has over 400,000 daily unique users, 23 million daily transactions, and 12 million WAX accounts. WAX’s superior technical performance and infrastructure have earned the trust of numerous projects. The chart below shows the transactions on major blockchains over the past 30 days. We can see that WAX’s dominance is beyond any doubt. 

Wax Blockchain transaction

In regards to top dapps on WAX, they have generally maintained continuous growth.  Specifically, the gaming dapp Dragons Valley’s users increased by 33% over the past seven days, with 17,710 users visiting the dapp. In addition, the exchange AtomicMarket increased its user traffic by nearly 23%, with a total of 74,380 visitors. Furthermore, the exchange Alcor had 36.46K users visiting the dapp, an increase of 4.5%. It is worth noting that these dapps have also maintained their user traffic or achieved user growth in the past 24 hours.

Wax Ranking

Closing words

WAX’s blockchain infrastructure and ecosystem provide the necessary breeding ground for the smooth launch of dapps. More importantly, WAX ensures that you build on a secure, efficient, and eco-friendly blockchain. For end-users in general, WAX has a dapp matrix empowered by 30K+ products with a wide range of utilities. Last but not least, WAX’s diverse options of P2E-enabled gaming dapps will never disappoint shrewd gamers. 

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